How was your weekend and 4th holiday? Did you get a lot done? I’ve been running in circles some but I have managed to persevere and finish up a few more things.

Week before last, I had plantation shutters ordered for the shop and they have been installed! Oh my, what a difference they have made. I love them and they look amazing. I tried to take a before and after, hopefully you can get an idea. If you really want to see, come see me!

Before, with curtains

now shutters installed

Row by Row has gotten kicked off and it has been fun to meet different people and introduce myself and share my shop. Here is my block and we have kits for sale if anyone is interested. I even used our license plate as a label on the back. We have those available as well.

our row by row block

our license plate

I was able to sew some and finished up a couple of minis that I have sent off to the quilter. I’m very excited about them – one is a very blended look that Paula worked up. I started it some time last year but ran out of fabric and she brought leftovers to retreat the other day and it was great to call it done.

Next up was Selma Bennett’s (she designs for Jeanne Horton) Juniper mini. It turned out very cute and finishes at 22×22.

the beginning of Juniper

my bonus quilt design by Paula

I traded the 2 minis into Jan DeAlmeida and in return I got a quilted Vintage Revival! I love it, I got the binding, sleeve and label sewn on, now to get the binding all hand done and she will be DONE!

Vintage Revival

I worked on the Red Crinoline, Bristle Creek Farmhouse block of the month. I got all the blocks finished up and then went to assembly. This quilt goes together like “peanut butter and jelly”. It went together so well, I started with the middle first. That is the first time I’ve ever been able to do that. I worked on the center medallion first, then the sections to the right and to the left of the medallion. Next up was the bottom and lastly the top section.

some of my blocks for Bristle Creek farmhouse

another month of blocks of Bristle Creek farmhouse

my center section of Bristle Creek farmhouse

the center medallion completely assembled

center section

the top portion together

I’m very excited for my BOM members to be able to get theirs done, they are going to love it as much as I do! It went together like peanut butter and jelly! wink!

Bristle Creek farmhouse done

Perseverance is the name of the game; at least it is for me. Hang in there everyone and try to make time to get your blocks done each month, you won’t be sorry!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Bennett and Daddy

Yesterday was Bennett’s 2nd birthday; we drove to Tyler Friday night after I closed the shop for his birthday party Saturday morning. Bennett has a new best friend, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. He had a swimming pool party and had a great little party.

Mickey and Bennett

he loved the water

the birthday was a little tired

Kyle and Bennett

Guess what I did on the way to Tyler? Binding! I prepped my Red Crinoline, Star of the West quilt. It is a big quilt and I got it finished, we had to stop and get batteries for my Beam n’ Read and then I got it totally finished once we got to the hotel. Quilted by Cindy Gravely.

Star of the West

a close up of Star of the West

I also got Sweet Tea by Shopgirl prepped and my Primitive Gatherings, Full Time, Part Time prepped. I got Sweet Tea done on the way home. Wahoo! Quilted by Jan DeAlmeida.

Sweet Tea

a close up of Sweet Tea

Once we got home, I started on Full Time, Part Time and got it finished today. Quilted by Cindy Gravely. Now I think I have worn a hole in my finger!

Full Time Part Time

another view of Full Time Part Time

I’ve been dreading today for a while, I was really hoping to burry my head and ignore it, but that didn’t happen. We made a plan to go buy flowers and David drove me to the cemetery. As I was getting into the car, I saw a feather on the ground and knew that somehow Dad was with me. I started crying as we drove off.

my mockingbird feather

We got to the cemetery and it was beautiful, I do love that place – it seems like they have hallowed grounds.

Daddy’s flowers

a view from away

the cemetery

I think it’s ironic how going through the death of a parent really changes ones perspective. I loved him and miss him so much. We didn’t always get along and I wanted him to be a sweet, walking soft, quiet man, but he was not one to be quiet. In fact, he got rather upset with us when we told him to “shhh” or to be quiet. He didn’t walk softly either. He did do so many other things, like love us unconditionally, totally devoted to his family, faithful to my mother for 60 years, loved and contributed to his community, loved his country and his church, God! I guess God knew that I needed a stern father that would make walk the line. I remember when I was younger and more defiant. He told me “I should tell you just the opposite of what I want you to do, then you would do what I want you to.” I remember thinking that just might have worked. Ha! I do believe he had my number and he could still push my buttons until the end. He was a great man and father! I would have rather taken him to Monument Inn than visiting the monument inn that we visited today!

We decided to go to Pappa’s for an early lunch. David and I split a Greek salad and a halibut dish and key lime pie for dessert! It was wonderful!

our lunch

key lime pie

We drove to LaPorte to do a few odd jobs that needed to done, we loaded up and took off. One of the things we did today was to add a clothesline in the shop.

clothesline in progress

my new clothesline

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Arbor Day in LaPorte

I got my True Blues, Vintage Revival finished on Monday! Wahoo!
It was sure tricky getting all those points matched up but while working with the rows, I finally figured out a little trick that eased the trouble of those puppies! Happy that it is now finished and I like it!

3 sections


True Blue, Vintage Revival done

I thought if you were thinking about this kit and if you consider yourself a pointless quilter here’s another layout that would eliminate it all together. You could sash each block in white and then make the flip and sew the tips to create a sawtooth star in the corner in the blue and it would look GREAT, plus it would make it a little bigger!

The pattern only calls for a 1.5-inch border just to frame it but you could also increase that a little more to help balance should you decide to add the sashing. I have some kits at the shop if you are interested.

I wanted to share my cute little dump truck that is on the front porch of the shop – it’s my little welcome wagon! Excuse my little plant in the background, it froze and I decided to cut it back, I wasn’t sure how or if it would come back that way, but it is coming along nicely. Plus the part I cut off, I put in water to root and I was able to plant it today! I thought it was exciting! ha!

my dump truck with bottles and flags

Now that the True Blues are put away it was time to pull out my Swell Christmas by Urban Chiks. I sewed up 13 blocks yesterday of Block A and today I sewed up 13 blocks of Block B. They sure are cute! I also have some of these kits for sale too.

Swell Christmas pattern

Block A

Block B ready for thread

Block B

my blocks, ready for rows

I know it’s not the real Arbor Day, but it is for me in relation to what happened at the retreat house today.

David has been painting the different sections all week and today is the installation of our new arbor!

painting process

David did a great job and I think it looks great! Now we get to put the finishing touches on everything.

David beginning the arbor install

a view of the arbor

another view of the arbor

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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It Got Hot!

Well it sure got hot rather fast, a lot faster than it does this time of year. Maybe it is a little payback for our lovely spring we had that lasted longer than 1 week. Ha!

Our plants at the retreat house are enjoying my extra attention (aka water) and seem to be thriving more than usual. It was also time for some fresh mulch; it is amazing what a difference that makes. Our Rangoon Creeper froze back to the nub and it is really taking off and is finally blooming! I love that vine!

my poinsettia from Christmas, it is huge. Dad would be so proud

I sure enjoy my blackened Susans

my rangoon creeper

the other side of the creeper

My sister’s husband, Steve got us Rangers vs. Astros baseball tickets on Saturday, so David drove us to Dallas Saturday morning. We drove directly to Penny’s house and then she and I let David rest while she and I drove to Frisco Mercantile for a little retail therapy. They have a mix of antiques and repurposed things in consignment booths. We had tons of fun looking at things that brought back lots of memories. I did come across some cute patriotic yard décor that had to come home with me.

myself and sister, Penny

my new yard decor

After that we drove to Penny’s and picked up David for a late lunch at Grub Burger Bar. It was a great hamburger joint while Steve had to work. Later, Kyle and Kara drove over with the kids and the 4 of us went to the baseball game while Penny & Steve watched Adley & Bennett. We had a great time and the Astro’s won which is always a plus.

in our great seats behind the plate. These were the best seats we have ever had!

Kyle & Kara before the game

the Ballpark

opening ceremonies

Sunday morning all 7 of us (except Steve – had to work again) went to Haywire for brunch. It was very good, loved the extra family time. About noon, David and I headed home.

Before we left Deer Park, I got 2 of my quilts ready for binding. Nothing like a 4-hour road trip to enable getting binding accomplished. I got one done going up and one done on the return home. Wahoo!

First one was my 30’s Triple 4-Patch

a full view of 30’s Triple

quilting of my 30’s triple

Second was S’mores!

a full view of Smores

I thought I’d put Smores in the swing on the front porch of the retreat house

see the quilting on Smores

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Vintage Revival

I got all 42 blocks done last night. It was a lot a sewing but worthwhile. Today was getting the blocks in place and making rows.

Look at Connie’s cutie from her sit and Sew.

This evening David came to the house to work on my new arbor that will be seen from the back parking lot. I sure love all his efforts. It’s going to look so good.

I’m truly blessed; I hope you are blessed from your daily threads. Love and hugs,


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At Long Last

This project was in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, February 2013 issue.  Yes, 2013!  Needless to say, I’ve been working off/on (mostly off) this project for some time now!

why we fell in love! ha!

my pattern

Yikes – another case in point of just exactly where does the time go?  I digress; the pattern was originally designed with a finished 4-inch block and someone decided to change the size of the block from doing 4 to a 6-inch.  I guess it was easier to do 6 instead of 4, but the setting triangles were all pieced and we had to refigure that and for some reason that was a challenge.  I guess the “end game” was not taken into consideration.  Ugh!

The swap was with Ivy, Julie, Jerryann C, Phyllis H. and myself way back in 2013!

We got the swap complete and then what to do with those setting triangles.  Well math isn’t my strong point, I did a practice block and got it figured out.  What a relief, even the corners were pieced, but I figured that out too!

Well I got to a particular point, I even got the sashing pieces attached to make rows and for some reason got bagged up again!

After working on and finishing my triple 4-patches the other day, I got the bug to get out S’mores once more!  Maybe this time a finish was around the corner?

S’mores out of the bag

I got the project bag out of the closet the other day and laid it out on the floor to see where I was on this.  I had all the pieced setting triangles done in a bag and the floor is big enough to see placement, so I got them attached to the rows and began working on the sashing. I worked on the rows, one by one and it is finally DONE!

I got my setting triangles attached

2 more sashing rows

my S’mores

I feel like singing “At Last”!

If you want to feel somewhat accomplished, I highly recommend that you dig out an unfinished project and get it completed! It is pretty exciting and very liberating!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads.  Love and hugs,

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My Hop in the Shop

I’ve decided a shop is somewhat similar to having “a stash”. Fabric accumulation of any kind is still fabric accumulation and when push comes to shove, one has to make changes!

At the shop we received a major shipment of Primitive Gatherings, Homestead Gathering and one from Windham, Jeanne Horton’s Farmhouse Living. We had bolts of fabric almost everywhere! I asked David if he would make me 3 more shelves and he got to work and they were complete and ready to install on Sunday.

We had to move a bunch of stuff around, move my Farm Girl Vintage quilt out of the shop and into the classroom and some other things. The classroom even looks different.

during the move

during the move

during the move

during the move

David did a great job on the shelves and did a lot of work helping me get the fabric on the shelves. After we got to certain point he went home to rest and I put the finishing touches on everything.


front row after the new shelves




corner in the classroom

classroom after

It looks so much better! David, thank you for all your hard work. I truly appreciate your willingness and all your support.

If you are out and about, come by and see the changes. We are open from 10-5:30, Monday-Friday and on Saturday 10-4:30. We would love the opportunity to serve you!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and Hugs,

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On a Roll

Did you all have a nice Mother’s Day? Mine was very nice; Saturday we drove up to Tyler to be with Mom and it ended up that ALL 4 of us kids were able to spend Mother’s Day with mom. Our first one that we were all together in quite a while and one without Dad, and we wanted to try to make it more special for Mom. Katie and her family were there and I heard from all 3 of my boys. It was a great day!

Mom and me!

from left to right, myself, Pattie, Mom, Penny and Grady. We even ended up lining up in age order and it just happened

us girls! Katie, Mom, Kynlee and myself

my girl, Katie and myself

I was able to get a few quilts finished recently. I’ve been admiring this block for a while and decided that it was time to make time, to make this quilt. I wanted to use this Riley Blake blue as a background and use 30’s fabrics for the star blocks. The pattern is called Round & Round by Thimble Blossoms. I had to make sure I paid special attention to orientation of this block and I just stacked up all the sections and made the blocks in rows. It is now done!

Round & Round pattern

my stacks of Round & Round

my components

getting there on Round & Round

Round & Round done

I have been working a pattern by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, called Full Time/Part Time. It is made with Lisa’s new line of fabrics that just arrived called Homestead Gatherings – all brushed cottons. They feel so nice and were nice to work with. I have almost the entire line at the shop and we have several of these kits at the shop, come by and get your kit.

Full Time, Part Time pattern

my large blocks for Full Time, Part Time

small hour glass blocks

laying out Full Time

Full Time, Part Time done

We also kitted up another one of Primitive Gathering’s patterns called Check Out. It is really nice and done in her brushed cottons as well. That will be on the menu next.

Checked Out pattern

I got my binding in my Pete The Cat lap quilt and I was pleased how that one turned out and I think I have 2 more kits at the shop in case you are interested. It is made from a panel and it went together very well.

Pete is complete!

notice the cute cat paw quilted by Jan

Last year, I was in a swap with Cynthia E, Ivy, Julie and Lecia. We made a triple 4-patches up in 30’s fabrics. The blocks finish at 6-inches and for something so cute, there sure was a lot of sewing involved in those little blocks. I laid them out on the floor a few weeks ago and I decided that it was time to put them together. I was surprised how easy it went together. Not too many points to have to worry about, I just had to watch were they came together in the center.

working on my triple 4-patch

more done on triple 4-patch

Kyle and Adley came in last week and Adley wanted to help me assemble the top. Adley got the idea that she needed one too; she enjoyed finding all the different objects in the 30’s fabrics. I remembered that I had some extra blocks and I ended up putting them together for her Barbie and her feet! (Her words! Ha!) I even quilted it, crudely I might add, but it was fine and I even trimmed up the quilt and did a machine binding. Done is great and I got a 2-fer! I’m not sure why I put this quilt on the back burner, but for whatever reason, I’m glad this one is done.

Adley with her newest cousin, Nolan

Nolan, he is so cute. Notice his lovely red hair!

Triple 4 patch done

Adley and her little quilt

Next up was one from Jeanne Horton’s new line, Farmhouse Living, called Sweet Tea designed by Selma Bennett. This is the first time I have ever made this block. It is made up completely from half-squared triangles. I got it finished mid week, it’s a small one, I think the quilt is 41×41. It is true to its name…”Sweet”!

one block of Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea in the works

Sweet Tea is done

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Some Amends

I’d like to clarify some quilt labels from the show.

“Ancient Stars”, “Oaks in New York”, and “Postage Due” were made by Sue Garmen. Her daughter, Jenny entered them in the show for Sue. When the programs were made, Jenny’s was exchanged to Sue’s. Then the signs were made with the “old” information. The program is available online on the LQG website on the quilt show page.

Ancient Stars

Oaks in New York

Postage Due quilt

508 – Sue Garman – Oaks in New York
Special Exhibit of Quilts by Sue Garman 77.5 x 101. Pieced by Machine. Appliqued Quilted by Hand. Made by Sue Garman, Becky Stephenson, Judy Green, Ann Griffin, Jeanette Cobb, and Gail Roman. Design Source: Based on Sue’s Sleeping Beauty pattern with oak leaf reels added in the centers. Completed in 2016. Owner’s Description: New York Beauty quilts are known for their complexity and beauty. The earliest New York Beauty quilts appear to have been made in the early to mid-1800s. Sue’s Sleeping Beauty pattern was based on a quilt that she saw that was made in 1874 by a 17-year old girl from Pennsylvania. She was amazed to realize that a young girl made it then without the use of rotary cutters mats and rulers and that hers was hand-pieced. In this recreation of her Sleeping Beauty quilt she added oak leaf reels in the centers to create more depth and complexity. After Sue finished making this quilt top and started hand quilting it herself she was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer and quickly became too weak to complete the quilting herself. She was blessed with an amazing group of friends who volunteered to complete the quilting for her so that she could enjoy seeing the completed work.

Becky and some of her friends completed the hand quilting on Oaks in New York. They worked like crazy so that Sue could see the completed quilt. They gave it to her at Houston Quilt Festival in 2016. It was the last Festival that Sue attended.

In case you didn’t know … Some of Sue’s quilts will be on display at the Texas Quilt Museum in LaGrange, June 28 – September 30 2018.

I also made an error on labeling one of the miniature quilts; it was made by Sharon Mayer.

mini by Sharon Mayer

Sorry for all the wrong information!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Lakeview Quilt Show 2018

The first weekend in May was the Lakeview Guild quilt show that was to honor and celebrate the life of Sue Garmen. I have yet to complete one of her patterns but I do have several on my bucket list of ones to make.

We had a great show, there were many wonderful quilts and it always amazes me when I see how people interprets patterns in “their” color way.

made by Sharon Mayer, her Halo Medallion, Best of Show

by Ann Miley, her Okehampton. it won the Presidents Ribbon

the center of Ann’s quilt

this was made by Patty Lang from ties, I had to take another photo of

done by Cynthia Clark, Bubble Gum Beauty

Jan’s wedding ring

Postage Due quilt, this is on my “to do” list

a version of Sue’s Halo Medallion quilt by Peggy Richards

Jerrianne’s ribbons

Jerrianne’s Grape quilt, it was beautiful

I loved the colors and the black and white stripe

this was done by Ramona and was beautiful

Ancient Stars, by Jenny Arkinson, it was beautiful

by Jenny Atkinson, Oaks in New York. it was gorgeous too

by Becky S, it was amazing

I can’t remember who made this, but I sure loved it

a close of the center from the Halo Medallion

and a close up of the border treatment.

Jerrianne’s Reels, it was beautiful

a full view of Marsha Fuller’s quilt

Marsha’s closer up

Papa Bear by Jenny Arkinson. these were wonderful

Jenny Arkinson’s Momma Bear

mini Baby Bear by Jenny Arkinson

I entered 4 quilts, 3 full size, and 1 miniature.

The first one was my Ruby Splendor which was a sew along with Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, her Magic of Christmas. I have been collecting red fabrics for a while and I used my own stash, but I did use Lisa’s red muslin fabric and her tan muslin in the finish. I love how this quilt finished up and how Cindy Gravely quilted it. It ended up getting second place in its category.

my Ruby Splendor

The second one I entered was entitled Bow Tie Me A River; this quilt was also designed by Lisa Bongean. It is a simple bow tie block that finishes at 2-inches, but it has a great setting and has 1512 blocks in the quilt and 9072 pieces in this quilt. I entered it in the category of Celebrating Sue. It was not one of Sue’s patterns, but I thought it would be one that she would have enjoyed as she loved scrappy quilts and I got an honorable mention, I was proud of that.

my Bow Tie Me a River

My third entry was my “Everywhere I Go” which was Lisa’s summer block of the week called Somewhere In Time. I did not earn a show ribbon, but I did earn a different kind of ribbon. I wasn’t really sure what I won until Friday when I got a letter explaining the ribbon. It was from NACQJ, (National Association of Certified Quilt Judges) an award for work on my quilt. There were only 2 ribbons given out at the show and I got one of them. Wow, I am honored.

Everywhere I Go

My last entry was my miniature My Happy Home, also a Lisa Bongean quilt design. It didn’t win anything, but I was ok with that. See some of the miniatures that were entered in the quilt show!

mini by me, my happy home

mini by Georgann’s “Just a Little Revenge” it was amazing

mini quilt by Jenny Arkinson 20.5×24

mini by Cynthia Clark, Hugs and Kisses 20×20

One of the fundraisers that the guild does in conjunction with the quilt show is to have a “mini” quilt auction. This means guild members make and sell quilts during or before the quilt show. The “littles” is what I like to call them, they are donated and once they are ready, they are handed in and you can “buy it now” or see if you can be the winner in a silent auction, hopefully at a reduced price. The “buy it now” option is great, but you are locked in at the price of $75.

The “littles” have become very popular and almost sot after. I know that I sure do! They usually begin surfacing at the spring retreat at the end of March and if it is one you really like, one had better “buy it now” or it will be on someone else’s wall! This year I was unable to attend the spring retreat and for one reason or the other I never followed through on contacting the one in charge of the event until our April meeting. Some of Sue’s unfinished blocks surfaced and received a new life as a “little”. The “littles” were bought up like hotcakes and I missed out on Sue’s blocks but I was able to snag one of Becky’s miniature quilts! So my search started to see if I could find “one more of Sue’s blocks. I talked to Jerrianne to see if there might be one more. Jerrianne and her sister, Becky have really made a tremendous sacrifice and have generously donated several miniature quilts over the past years and this year they were in high demand.

this is the first one I got from Becky

Jerrianne called me and asked me about a block and I was able to get “Blue Sue” Block! On Saturday, I was able to pick up my little quilt made from one of Sue’s blocks. It is the most adorable “little” that I’ve seen. Jerrianne took one block, sashed it and put the sweetest finishing touches on it. It means so much to me that Jerrianne was kind enough to do it for me and that is was an orphan block, but not anymore! Thank you Jerrianne, I really love her!

this was the one that Jerrianne made for me.

I also got a couple more, one other done by Becky and one finished up by Eula Monahan. I haven’t hung them up yet, but I will!

If I understand correctly, Sue made the geese and Eula put it together

I got this one in the silent auction, done by Becky

If you need fundraiser ideas for your guild, making and selling miniature quilts are sure a good way to do just that. I’d sure like to know how much money was raised this year. However, Sue’s blocks or miniatures are going towards a scholarship fund in her honor.

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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We got to have nice retreat last weekend. I had several projects planned and bounced around on different ones. I worked on my Red Crinoline Quilt, Bristle Creek Farmhouse block of the month.

4 of my blocks!

my set of blocks done

pressing of blocks

After that I decided that I would work on this quilt designed by Thimble Blossoms, Camille Roskelley, called Round & Round. The pattern was designed to use charm packs and do a lot of trimming, resulting in 3-inch finished half-squares. I asked Cindy to cut this quilt out for me and she called to confirm how I wanted to make it and it was with an overwhelming vote to use Star Singles and much simpler in my mind.

I worked on my half-squares and got them all cut, sliced and diced and then it was time to lay out the blocks.

Round & Round pattern

all the blocks are stacked to sew down in rows

It was laid out in a different way, which translates to confusion for me. I made one block! Wahoo!

first block done

Then I was ready for the other blocks and I decided to just lay it out on top of one another and sew them up in rows. The setting was very simple and it was easy to assemble.

all laid out

Monday night I was able to get it all finished. I used Riley Blake solid and I really liked using it. I think this was the first time I used their solids, they almost had a brushed feeling to it.

rows done

Round & Round complete

Oh, I wanted to share my new blooms! They are going to get better and better!

my first gardenia bloom

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Fly Away Geese!

The weekend of April 21st we had Denise Green of HollyDee Quilts come from her shop in Luling to teach us, at our “Quiltworx Pick Your Pattern” class retreat, as she is a certified Quiltworx instructor. We had some working on their Bali Wedding Ring, Fractured Star, Flowers for My Wedding Ring, Diamond Wedding Star, Pepperdish, and I believe Weathered Windmill. I was working away and told myself that I was going to get to my outer border, but as got closer to the end of my plan, I started planning my next project. Not really a bad idea, but maybe a little unrealistic.

I finally finished working on my flying geese and I laid them out, as they should be arranged, from dark, medium to light. The geese look great, but it was a lot of sewing and I was doing the happy dance when I got to the end of that task!

colors all laid out

As soon as I finished I got up and started thinking about the Quiltworx, Prismatic Star pattern. I really wanted to work with a particular background and wanted to plan around that and use some of my Kaffe fabrics. Denise and I strategized colors and fabrics and formulated a plan, but first I needed to work on strips.

next up!

planning begins

plan in motion

our guide for prismatic star

I got all the strips sewn on papers in record time! Special thanks goes out to Kelleigh for helping me by doing my prep work. It was wonderful; now putting them back together is an entirely different animal. I did get one diamond constructed and then I got back on task.

strips all done

one diamond done!

I got all my flying geese sewn as a border strip and then attached to the mother ship! Finally, now I only have one more border to do!

my geese poop

flying geese border is on!

Our next Quiltworx, “Pick your Pattern” retreat with Denise Green is scheduled for September 12-16, 2018. I have the paperwork available if anyone wants to register, just let me know and I can email it to you or you can find it on my website. (

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Beaumont 2018 Quilt Show

Don’t faint! I’m trying to catch up on my “newsy” stuff, therefore another post! I was asked by one of my favorite groups to look into and try to vend at the Beaumont quilt show. I put it off too long, but it eventually got worked out and I was able to vend. I was reluctant to vend because the thought of packing and moving my store to another site it not that compelling and then there is the thought process of trying to figure out what to take or not.

Once the final decision was made that I was going, the packing began. I took a good variety of Primitive Gathering woolens, Valdani threads, some wool and quilt kits that I had and off I went. My mom was my traveling companion and it went pretty well. The vending thing is going to take some getting use to, but it was a great way to get my name/shop out there and maybe more customers coming my way.

My lovely assistant!

my booth

booth corner

woolens and kits


another view

clocks for sale

Saturday morning, Mom and I got to Ford Park early and went toured all the quilts. They had a bunch of quilts, maybe around 400 or so. I took a bunch of pictures and I thought I would share.

Linda’s 30’s quilt. it didn’t place but I still liked it

I love this Halloween quilt

Pickle relish, I think is the name

Linda’s Bear Paw! it was wonderful, she got judges choice

Linda’s ribbon

this was Susan’s and I sure liked it too

I love 30’s quilts

a closer view

Joyce’s quilt

I loved this Birds in the Air quilt. I think they were 3 inch finished blocks. very well done

loved the color movement

I loved this one too

I really liked the black check and how it played with the blocks

I love how the large half-squares frame the blocks

this was unbelievably beautiful! Great job Mona!

a closer view of the center

I loved this one

loved these fabrics

I’m not a green person, but I sure liked this one

they had several one-block wonders. the border fabric is what they used inside. It just amazes me

Mr. James’ quilt

Mr James got several ribbons! wonderful talent

I loved this little bitty

when we looked at this one, my mom said that I had an uncle who said this phrase all the time! I love you Uncle George!

love the plaids

look what I spotted Ms. Cynthia!

faces are so hard and Dot did a great job

Linda made this one and she did a great job

I loved this one too

Hester Carnew made and Cathy Carnew quilted and entered it in the show. They got Best of Show

Cathy and Hester’s ribbons

I loved this of Linda’s

this one was amazing too

Mona’s ribbon

more eye candy

this was Joyce’s too. Great use of fabrics

a closer view of Joyce’s quilt

Joyce’s ribbon

I loved this color play

this one was amazing too! I loved how the color makes an addition pattern

I loved this one too. I love the gold tone

Mr James’ quilt

I loved this fingerprint idea and how they did it!

a closer view of the phases! most interesting

I loved this one, I’m not sure what this pattern was but I liked the spikes

a closer view

this belonged to Joyce! she had a very busy 2 years!

I took this one for ideas to use for charm squares. it turned out very nicely

this belongs to Joyce, it was lovely!

I love a postage stamp quilt


another beauty

I love this one. I have an entire set of triple 4patches to assemble, done in 30’s fabrics. I took this to get me going!

prismatic star, I loved the colors

Linda’s cups, she sure did a great job!

a beauty

So much inspiration! Beaumont ladies and gentlemen, you did a fabulous job and I look forward to the next show in 2020!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Hello there!

I just wanted to say I’ve been missing you and thinking of you, but it’s the mere fact that things are going by faster than I can keep up is a huge understatement.

I’ve done a few updates at the retreat house.  We had some new landscaping added and I’m really enjoying it.  Our winter was very hard and we lost a lot of great plants, some have been trimmed up and are coming back, I still have hopes that one will come back, but it still has no sign of green yet – my bougainvillea, but my Rangoon creeper is coming back!

As the spring deepens, the bright greens are coming a little richer and oh how I enjoy the smells and blooms of spring.  I even cut some of my drift roses the other day; they have such a great smell.  I have some new gardenia bushes they have some huge buds developing!

new landscaping

this is the new view from the parking lot

the other side

Speaking of spring, it is the time of birth and we welcomed a new grandson into our family.  My daughter, Katie had a new baby on March 28th, a son named Nolan.  He had lung difficulties in the beginning but he is now fully recovered and is healthy and growing.  He even may have RED hair, for which I’m very excited about – he does have a head full of hair!

Katie, Nolan and Joseph

Wyatt and Kynlee waiting for their new brother to arrive on Easter Sunday

Avery and Kynlee

Mom and her 2 newest great, grands!

Meet Nolan, he looks so grown up already

I got to go on an amazing cruise with Lisa Bongean and Lisa Hawley.  I got to know several new quilters and fellow wool lovers.  Lisa designed 2 more amazing projects and one is almost finished and one is in the works.

project #1

project #2

I just need to add the stitches around the border

myself and Lisa Hawley

Lisa Bongean and myself

We got some cute “Pete the Cat” fabric at the shop from Marcus fabrics and they had a cute downloadable pattern, so I worked it up and it is now at the quilter’s home getting all prettied up!  I have kits available at the shop if you are interested in one.

Pete the Cat fabric

Pete the Cat is all sewn up

More to report later, I don’t want this to go on too long and you fall asleep out there.


I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads.  Love and hugs,



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Camera roll Timeline

It has been a while since I’ve written so before too much time or life events happen I thought I’d write, plus writing is somewhat therapeutic for me.

On Friday, January 26th I was blessed to receive a new member of the family. We welcomed Josh’s new baby girl, Avery into the family. She was born late Friday evening at 9:33 p.m. and in true family form we filled up the waiting room. It is the way we roll! There was Jaiden, Dylan, Bennie, Laura, Mom, Dad, Sherry – Angela’s mom, Shelby, Emily – Angela’s sister and her little girl and myself. David would have been there but he was entertaining his brother, Ricky from Oklahoma and his wife, Amanda.

It was very exciting and her brothers; Jaiden and Dylan were extremely excited to get to meet her, as were we all!

Meet Avery

the new 5!

They got to come home Sunday morning! Monday, the 29th Dad asked Mom if she would fix dinner for them, so Mom cooked all day and even went to the store for Mom twice. Mom and Dad took dinner over to them Monday night and got home sometime after 8. Sometime after that Dad went to his computer/office and Mom was watching TV and when it was time for Mom to go to bed, she went to tell Dad goodnight and she could not wake him up.

Mom called me about 10:40 and said she could not wake him up and thought he was gone. No one can ever know how those words will play out and it all seems like it was a bad dream, how could that be? Funny how I thought he would live forever, but I know he is in a much better place and it was like he went to sleep in his office chair. He wasn’t in a hospital bed or hooked up to any machines, so that in itself, is very comforting.

The funeral was Friday, February 2nd and now we are learning a different normal.

Thank you to all the people that came to the visitation and to the funeral. I can’t tell you how much it means to us all. I know Dad loved getting all the attention and that it will not be easy feeling the void that he left behind.

Sandra, Kay, David, Mary, Dennis, myself and Pam.

myself and Paula, she’s been a dear friend since Kindergarten

I also want to thank you for all the kind words of comfort and all the cards that I’ve gotten in the mail; it has been truly appreciated!

I do love my family, as did Dad – he was so proud of us all. One of the things that my Grandmother would say to us when it came time to have a reunion was “that everyone would be there except you”. It was a ploy to get us to attend all the family functions, most of the time it worked, none of us wanted to be left out! Who knew she was the one who invented FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out! Dad did not mind one bit using this to get us to be present!

graveside service at the VA cemetery. Mom’s older brothers, it was amazing for them to be there!

it was cold and windy. oh I guess we are in age order after all.

My cousins that attended the service. it meant so much for you all to be there! thank you!

Sunday we went all went to church with Mom and then we went to Monument Inn for lunch. This place has been a longstanding family favorite restaurant! Guess what was on the sign???

“Mon ment Inn – the only thing missing is U”, talk about a God wink!

We took a photo in front of the sign

a closer view of the sign

Do you have to use your camera roll to see what has happened? Well I sure need to; my days are all mixed up. More to come later, this post is long enough.

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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The Big Thaw

We are finally thawed out here on Friday. When I left the shop Thursday the ice was finally melting from Tuesday’s sleet show, it was sure strange for the past few days to have had ice on the roof tops and since the sun hasn’t been out, the ice has hung around.

our frozen view in the front

in the back part, shaded area

more shade and frozen ground

I wanted to give a shout out from this past Sunday, David ran the Houston marathon and he ran it in 3 hours and 58 minutes. He did a great job and the cold, cold weather was a wonderful thing for him. His time allows him to qualify to run the Boston marathon in 2019. I’m very proud of him and what he was able to accomplish. Way to go, David! I’m already mentally preparing for the Italian, seafood and cannolis that we get to indulge in!

I also wanted to show a better picture of where my Indigo Star landed. My walls space is dwindling.

I wanted to show a better view of where my Indigo Star landed

I’ve been trying to finish a few things up, I have big 3 quilts to put binding on! Ugh! Nothing like a deadline to prompt me to get some things finished up. We had our Deer Park bee meeting Thursday night; I tried to get them finished before the meeting. I got the binding, sleeve and label attached on Reed’s Creek. Mission accomplished, I got it all sewn down! Wahoo! I love the quilting done by Jan DeAlmeida, she did an edge to edge “thistle theme” motif. Thank you Jan!

Reed’s Creek all done

a closer view of quilting on Reed’s Creek

Next on the list to finish was my Happy Home pattern from Primitive Gatherings. I needed to finish the embroidery on the bottom and sew on the key. I got that done too!

Happy Home is complete

Now it can go to finishing school for quilting! Big grin!

Next was to finish of my “Liberty Homestead” pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts. I got the label, sleeve and binding sewn down. Not all before the meeting, but all but the sleeve.

Liberty Homestead all done

I couldn’t get it in one photo

a center view

I love how the quilt turned out and I love all the colors in it. Marcia Henry quilted it and it looks great, she did a great job. Thank you Marcia!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Miter Me Please

Back in November, I ordered some Old Sturbridge Christmas Village fabrics designed by Judie Rothermel from Marcus Fabrics and after I received them, I was itching to sew them up. I looked around at the different Christmas patterns/books and decided to use the Holiday Wishes book from It’s Sew Emma by Sherri Falls. I noticed a couple of the fabrics in the line were not as densely colored as the others and decided to use them first to see how the fabrics played with one another. It was going to work, it could be better, but this is what I had and I wanted to use it.

Holiday Wishes pattern

Off I go, this pattern was designed for a block of the month, six different block patterns and each block is made twice. I did 4 at a time and before too long I had all 12 blocks done.

my first test block

one of the other blocks

Towards the middle of December, a friend offered to do some sewing for me and I got her to put the top together. She didn’t want me to release her name, but she did a great job and I’m very thankful on how much help she really was! Thank you, thank you!

here it is in progress

Back to the line of fabric – one of the fabrics was a beautiful border fabric and it was perfect for this pattern. The fabric just said, “miter me”, sew I did! 😉

love this border fabric

After, I got the top back, it was my job to fussy cut the stripped border and then miter the corners. I love how mitered corners look on a quilt and it really isn’t that difficult, but it would help if I did it more often so I wouldn’t forget and have to look up my instructions!

I finally got it done and I really like it. Wahoo, one of my 2017 projects finished!

all done

a close up of the border

another close up view

I did get my first “start and finish” done for 2018 the other day. My Moda Frivol #11 is done! For the background, I used a light pink Grunge fabric by Basic Gray of Moda.

Moda Frival #11 finished

It is now with the quilter! Wahoo!

I have had several quilts (small and large) at the quilter’s and some of them are coming home to be completely finished.

First one that I completely finished was my Itty Bitty Leaves! Jan DeAlmeida quilted Itty Bitty. It is now bound and hung in the shop!

my Itty Bitty Leaves

Next one, is my Indigo Star, pattern by Red Crinoline Quilts and it was quilted by LeeAnn Lively. It turned out great and I got the binding on and now it is hung up as well! Boy, I love DONE!

Indigo Star

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Twenty Eighteen!

Another year, it is hard to believe but it is here! I for one am glad to see 2017 “in the books”. There were a lot of things that happened last year, some good and some bad and that is normally the case but just looking back it seems that the bad things were really rough. I lost some sewing friends and that is always a bitter dose. Two of my sons and their families relocated, one to Dallas area and one to Italy! Yes, the country of Italy! The other two children are increasing the size of their families. That is always exciting, one baby arrives towards the end of January and the other baby arrives in April.


We had a lot of extreme weather and even though I was not directly hit by Harvey, it did have an impact on retreating. We even had snow and then last week it was icy cold!

ice last week

We had a nice Christmas and David and I managed to get the home décor all put away last weekend. It is so nice to see all the decorations fill the house and then when it is gone it always feels a little empty when it is all put away, even though it feels clean and fresh.

I wanted to share some Christmas photos with my Mom and Bennett. This is his first year that he is aware of things and I love watching toddlers gaze at the Christmas tree. I don’t know why I love those pictures. Maybe it goes back to my own childhood memories where I loved gazing and dreaming into the Christmas tree. For some reason, they just seem magical to me. Does that happen to you?

Mom and Bennett

this just warms my heart

He had for inspect further!

My love for Fisher Price toys. He seemed to enjoy

I hope they are buddies for a long, long time!

On to Twenty Eighteen, I hope it is a great year for you. It has started off with a bang. Our first Saturday of the year was a great one. Thank you to all the people who stopped by the first week of the year! Your patronage is greatly appreciated!

I got to sew during the week and you know, I love being able to do that. I got to work on Red Crinoline Quilts, Block of the Month. You know, I’m also working on my 2018 project list – unfortunately I have several from 2017 that I haven’t finished and get to carry forward. I also worked on one of the Frivols, number 11. It is coming along nicely.

Frivol number 11!

progress over the weekend

I am also busy working on a new shop sample. The pattern is from Primitive Gatherings, called Full-Time/Part-Time. This kit is made up of brushed homespun fabrics and is very nice to feel and work with. They will arrive sometime in April.


my fabrics are ready to go back together

I hope you have a wonderful 2018 and you are blessed beyond measure!

I am truly blessed and I hope you are blessed by your daily threads! Love and hugs,


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Live a Simple Life

Look at just what was delivered!

I’m thrilled to have these to offer, but I only have 5 kits to sell. Price is $280 and the adorable box is a bonus.

Contact me if you want to reserve one.

Happy 2018!


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Merry Christmas

One of the sayings that I have enjoyed since my children were little was saying ” Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve”! The day has arrived!

I have sure enjoyed my sewing themed Christmas tree this year, so I thought I’d share some photos.

From my heart to yours “Merry Christmas”! I hope you have a blessed holiday!


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Sarah’s Wordplay

Look what we got in the shop today!

We also received a “sweet” gift from Primitive Gatherings wholesale. Come by and I’ll be happy to share! Thank you Primitive Gatherings!

Cutest boxes too!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas



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Is Your List Getting Longer or Shorter?

Hello, I know it has been some time since I’ve written, just too many things to do and not enough time to get it all done.

Some days my list gets shorter and then there are the days my list gets longer, I’m sure you have days like that too, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Are you ready for Christmas?

I’ve been working on several different projects lately, but the one that has been pushed to the forefront is my little Primitive Gatherings, Happy Home mini quilt.

This kit was a “freebie” kit that was shipped along with the Summer Block of the Week from Primitive Gatherings back in June if you paid for the kit in full at the beginning, so I did. Wink!

I started working on both the blocks and the freebie blocks mid July or so. They are coming along nicely but as you know you can only do one thing at a time so I decided to sideline the big blocks to work on the little houses.

some of my little houses

Note the house blocks finish at 4 ½ inches tall and vary in width, but they are so cute I can’t seem to put them down for any length of time.

all done and laying out the design

here we go, I needed to use the trees to figure spacing

I finally finished the small blocks and then it was row time but I still needed to come back and add the trees to the “subdivision” (filler blocks).

two row done

The 1-inch finished quarter-square triangles are a very nice median. Ha! I got the QST’s done and added them as I got the rows done.

done to one

After I got all the rows done it was time to add the outside borders and then the finishing pieces, now to get those done. Just thought I’d share the cuteness!

the beginning of the end

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

p.s. if you want the photos larger just click on the photos to enlarge.

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Angel Wings in Seventeen

It has been a great past few days, a lot is going on around here! In a way, nothing unusual but I guess what has been happening is not the norm!

Thursday was my day for being a quilt angel at the Houston International Quilt Festival! I made my trek downtown and got parked and off to work I went! Well it wasn’t really work, but more like Christmas – seeing what was going to come out of the box, one by one!

I am always simply amazed at the volume of talent that is out there – incredible!

These are as they were hung and not in any particular order, I hope you enjoy the “mini” show.

This one was 3-D from a distance, sure enough I walked up and it really was.

in 3-D

I am always amazed at the Japanese quilts that are entered. The intricacy is far beyond what I can comprehend. I do wonder how long it takes them to make a quilt and if they have more than one going at a time.

I love this, tons of work!

part of the details

more details

another beautiful detailed quilt

a closer view

one block, and tiny!

the knots on the binding

This one is made from men’s ties and was very impressive!

the tie quilt

a closer view of the tie quilt

I love to be surprised by quilts made from people I know. Valerie Wagner made this quilt. I love all the color and interest it has Valerie!

Valerie’s quilt

This one was all hand quilted and they were beautiful!

this was incredible, hand quilted

a closer view of one of the blocks

another block, notice the quilting

each year there is an alphabet quilt


more embellishments

look at this one! beautiful


and even closer, the circles are smaller than a dime

the center

Some of these are just ones I liked and wanted to share!

I had to show these houses!

a lot of details

the center

one border

I was intrigued by this one

notice the gorgeous quilting

more beautiful quilting

I love the colors in this, the black sure made the colors pop

the front of the quilt

Rhonda Dort’s back, how special is that!

look at this one!

all panels are dots!!!

a closer look at the dots

This year Festival is doing a tribute to commemorate the life and talent of Sue Garman. I have always been in awe of her talent and she is dearly missed. After my scheduled time I decided to go over and look at all of her quilts on display. For some reason it really felt like I was on hallowed ground. It ended up being very emotional for me; these are just some of her quilts.

Postage Due

one of her log cabin quits

this was beautiful too!

one of her latest accomplishments

a closer view

another close view section

she loved colors

I loved the little monsters

loved the Halloween quilts

a closer view of the top

loved this in 30’s

a closer view

Feathered Star

beautiful feathered star


a closer view of these sweet blocks

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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Caught by a Squirrel

I’ve been trying to work on a quilt that I’ve had cut for a while but I always seem to get distracted or pulled off into working on something else. It is a relatively easy project using Windham, Riverbanks fabrics by Jeanne Horton, it’s a pattern called Reed’s Creek and I really love the quilt.

all my strips for Reed’s Creek

The quilt is consisted of rail fence blocks, an alternate square and a 25-patch block. So I’m working on the 25-patch blocks and that isn’t challenging enough. I was working away on sewing my strips and I got an email from Temecula Quilt Company showing me their cute little leaf quilt.

It is a small project and plus it is something that I’ve not made before, so off I go! The leaf blocks finish at 2-¼ inch and there are only 12 of them! I started pulling fabric and I wanted to use this new fabric from Moda, Jan Patek with fall leaves on it as a border.

Here’s the cutting information:

    Cutting for one 2-1/4″ finished Little Leaf block
    From background cut: 1) 1-1/4″ square
    2) 1-3/4″ squares *
    2) 1-1/4″ x 2″ strips

    From color cut: 3) 1-1/4″ squares
    2) 1-3/4″ squares *

    From dark brown cut for stem : 1) 5/8″ x 2″ strip
    Make half square triangles using 1-3/4″ light and dark squares, trim down to 1 ¼ inch
    Make stem section by strip piecing 1-1/4″ light strips to each side of 5/8″ brown strip.
    Use ruler marking to match stem and trim down 1 ¼ inch.

all of my little half-squares

I got busy on my little half-squares and then I worked on the little stems. They were pretty interesting to make. You cut a 5/8” strip of fabric and sew the brown to a 2-inch strip, press and then trim down. You just center up the corner of your ruler down the center of the brown strip and trim it up to 1 ¼-inch.

stems ready to trim down

this is how I trimmed

trimmed the top and right side

I turned it around to trim the other sides

all trimmed up

Here’s one little leaf and only 11 more.

one leaf ready to stitch together

one leaf

I got them all sewn up and put together and then added the borders.

all laid out

fabric audition

and done!

I thought they turned out pretty cute!

Now back to work on Reed’s Creek.

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads.
Love and hugs,

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I Seem to Have a Pattern

A project I’ve had my eye on doing is from a book called “The Blue and the Gray” written by Mary Etherington & Connie Tesene. I really like several of the little quilts in this book, but I love the quilt on the front cover, called Civil Unrest.

my book

Since I was going to Florida, I prepared 216 flying geese units to make using the Studio 180, Wing Clipper. I got them all sewn and trimmed up! I was so very pleased about that! Those are not fun to make, but a great tedious job for me when retreating. Oh happy dance!

my flying geese!

Next up was to make 45, 9-patches and 16, 2-inch square-in-a-square blocks. That sure seemed like that was easy enough, so I thought I’d get this little quilt knocked out in no time.

9-patches and blocks

It seems like I have a pattern going lately, changing up patterns. Sometimes it is completely unintentional! That’s a fancy way to say, I messed up and decided to make do with what I made. I got all of my components done and it wasn’t until I was laying it out, that I realized I had MESSED UP! That is exactly what I did on my geese; I had put my color on the outside instead of on the inside. Oh no!!! It was dark on dark, and it seemed too dark!

all together

Now how do I work around that! I did NOT want to remake 216 flying geese, they finish at 1-inch by 2-inches! I auditioned framing the blocks, and I even made 45 light 9-patches (color on the inside) thinking I would like that better but then it was too light! I changed out the alternating plain blocks from dark to shirtings. I don’t think I’ve ripped out so much on a top in a long time.

inner framed to separate the colors

trying out negative 9-patches with shirtings

9-patches and shirtings

negative 9-patches and a regular 9-patch with shirtings

positive and negative 9-patches

negative 9-patches and dark blocks

looking at the big picture with negative 9-patches

a closer view of the positive and negative

After a lot of auditioning, I finally came up with something I liked and finally got it finished! I’m really glad that this is only a small quilt. I also thought it was ironic name of this little quilt. I think mine is going to be called “Civil Unrest to the Test”!

decided to put the really dark 9-patches in the center and lighter ones on the edge

my civil tested! ha

I decided to put on a small outer border to frame up those geese!

and she is done!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads.
Love and hugs,

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Antiquing and Sewing

Antiquing and sewing, I think that is the perfect combination!

I got to go to Warrenton antiquing a few weeks ago with Mary. Oh my, we had a great time, but it was crazy hot! I thought I would show you this item that got the award for being the “Best Repurpose Award”.

If you ever have a shopping cart and need an “easy chair” – this is the answer! Ha!

shopping cart re-purposed!

I found a few treasures and yes, I did find a few more doily dresses! I spotted this cute little sewing machine and it was a bargain, but I cleaned her up and she looks “sew” much better!

my new doilies and door knob

my little sewing machine for the Red room

I also found several miniature irons, this was a great collection and I had to limit myself to only these special 5!

I also got a “nail rake” for a coat hanger

my little irons, one is a Victorian collar iron and the 3 that are stair-step have Roman numbers I, II and III on them. very unique!

I also found the cutest dump truck and I could not wait to get home and get him all packed up with pumpkins for the porch of the shop!

I love, love my new/old dump truck!

At the end of September, it was Florida retreat time! I got to go and sew and they have the best sunsets on Kingsley Lake at Camp Blanding!

sunset in Florida over the lake

I took more projects than I could possibly make, but I’d rather have more than not enough!

First on the list was this mini quilt pattern from the Jo Morton group, called Basket Medallion.

Basket Medallion pattern

I got busy on the little baskets and put the inner sashing on, but I left behind the next fabric at home, I was trying hard to only bring what I really needed. This little quilt had several components, so I had other stuff to do like the half-square border and to make all the hourglass blocks. I worked on it all as far as I could and then packed it away!

I did change up this pattern. First change was I reversed the baskets, this was an accident and I didn’t notice it until it was all sashed and decided to leave it.

The next change was the half-square border, I have trouble with patterns were the borders aren’t balanced, so since I’m the creator, I did. Ha!

I finished it at home and I really like how it came out.

my finished Basket Medallion

I had pre-cut and prepared a Laundry Basket Quilt pattern, Homestead. Thanks to Marcia H, she had it worked out to be a paper pieced project through EQ and she offered it to me and I took her up on her offer. She did a great job!

my Homestead pattern

I did a test block at home and then made 26 at the retreat. That is one piece of work in that house block! I think it took me 2 full days to make them all and I was a busy bee!

my test block

Here they are! I used a part of a fat quarter tower by French General, Rue Indienne line. I have waited to find just the right project to use with this great fabric and I think it was a success! Now to get the sashing on and try to get this one finished!

my Homestead houses

I have my Harmony Mills version hanging up in the shop now and I thought I would share it.

I wanted to share a closer view of my Harmony Mills

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads.
Love and hugs,

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For the Love of Fabric!

Sorry it has been so long, I’ve got a lot to catch up on!

I guess we all have a special admiration for the touch and feel of fabric. I know I sure do and I really enjoy folding it so some goofy reason! I especially enjoy looking at a pattern and dreaming of how it might look in a different color way or even a different fabric theme altogether!

Several weeks ago, I ordered and received a new pattern from Primitive Gatherings called “Lost Mittens”. I ordered several for the shop! I love Mr. Mittens down in the lower corner. I think he is very cute, even though we don’t get snow here; he is my ticket to having a snowman! Ha!

Primitive Gatherings Lost Mitten pattern

However, I decided to change up the pattern. I thought I could make a fast cut using my Creative Grid 2 ½” tumbler ruler and the Snowman Gatherings jelly roll. I layered about 3 strips carefully on top of one another and cut away. The cutting goes extremely fast! I decided on how many I tumblers I needed and went to down making my rows and I got it all sewn together and I decided to go ahead and add my inner border before working on the wool so I would not get the top too out of shape. I went to work on my snowman and wool kit. He sure is a happy snowman!

my Creative Grid Tumbler ruler

Mr Mittens is done

a closer version of Mr Mittens

I got him finished and then sent him to finishing school with Cindy Gravely! He came home and then it was time to get him finished up!

completely finished

a closer view of the quilting

He now has a sleeve and is hanging in the shop for you to see. I have 2 more kits left in the shop if you are interested in doing one for yourself!

I have also wanted to make up one of Red Crinoline Quilts, Harmony Mills. I have had this fabric of theirs and it is just a lovely piece of fabric, so I decided to use it for the borders and then pick out a great fabric for the alternating blocks – also from Red Crinoline Quilts. It is a cute pattern and it goes together pretty easily. I am going to kit some of these up!

Harmony Mills pattern

I love this red fabric

playing with color

getting it ready

my version of Harmony Mills

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads.
Love and hugs,

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Weekend Happy Dance

I stuck around Sunday and finally got section one done, two more to go! I wanted to share our Quiltworx weekend with our certified teacher, Denise Green of HollyDee Quilts in Luling, Texas. We had a smaller group this year, but it was sure a productive one! We had several that brought back their Bali Wedding Star; we also had a couple of Lakeshore patterns and a form of the Feathered Star. (Sorry I forgot their technical names) I brought back my “Flowers for My Wedding Ring”.

This year we decided to add an extra sewing day and it was a wonderful thing and proved to be an essential element to completion or at least a “great understanding of what to do next” and get this project done!

It is great to see a project come together and I really enjoy seeing all the different color variations.

Here a few pictures of the different projects. I forgot to get photos of all the projects; hopefully you will enjoy the ones I got.

Kathy’s test preview

this was Kelleigh’s project – she was well prepared!

Kelleigh got her project completely finished!

this is Marlene’s, she made great progress!

I was able to get my wedding ring center done, it also has a flying geese border and then appliqué. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome!

this is my layout, I still need to add cornerstones

cornerstones added

the center of my quilt!

We have our next retreat scheduled for April 18-22, 2018. Contact me at for information!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,


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Maybe Back to a Routine

How are things in your corner of the world? Hurricane Harvey has certainly left its mark in so many different areas of Houston. I know some of you didn’t fair so well with Hurricane Harvey and then some of you did. To the ones that are having to deal with water issues, I am extremely apologetic! I can only begin to imagine what all you are dealing with. One of our couple friends that live in Baytown lost everything. David helped them yesterday along with our running group, they worked on the massive clean up. Water came within 5 inches of their ceiling, we went back over there today and it is truly humbling, yet gut wrenching to have their entire life be on the curb. They lost everything, the only thing that remains is their studs and bricks and I guess the insurance company will decide if it is “dozable”. I tried to keep the tears back, but I couldn’t. All of their neighbors were also doing the same thing and as I sit in my comfortable, cool home I feel completely humble and blessed to have been completely untouched from any devastation – almost guilty, however we are very thankful!

We drove over to Mom and Dad’s, Channelview was very hard hit, as well as Interstate 10, in fact, it was closed from 610 past San Jacinto River. That is really hard to believe! Thankfully, water had subsided and we were able to see watermarks as we drove. Simply mind-boggling! Their house did have water, but I’m not sure how to research it, we think it was only on their floor. Someone is going to come look at it tomorrow.

Slowly but surely things are returning to normal and then only to a degree. Local fast-food places are only open part-time and only operate through their drive-through. We were happy to visit our local Gringo’s Mexican food place and they were open, but not a full menu and no “green salsa”.

After dinner we went our area Wal-Mart to buy a few groceries, it was about 7:15 and the doors that we normally enter were locked and then noticed we could only enter at the other end and that they closed at 8. We sure have gotten comfortable with our “easy goes it” attitude and “always open” mentality. Needles to say they didn’t have eggs, the meat and cold sections were sparse. No Diet Cokes for David, but the beer/wine isle was properly stocked! Wahoo for me! Anyway, we quickly got what we could and made our way to the checkout counter.

On another note, the retreat house was also untouched. Blessed again! Thanks to all who have asked about both places, we ARE open! Sit and Sew dates have been published on Facebook and a newsletter will be going out very soon!

Now to life before Harvey – in July, I was only posted once and I had decided that I would try hard to publish once a week in August, but that didn’t happen either, in fact, no posts at all. It appears my ability to juggle is getting worse and worse. I’m sorry. I do enjoy posting but between everything, I just haven’t been able to make it work. One of these days, I hope to work out a better schedule. I do enjoy a schedule or a routine, I tend to feel more accomplished and there is just something about a routine that soothes me. Maybe it is my “Libra” sign coming out – I do love balance in my life!

The end of July we were able to spend some quality time with Joanna, she flew in from Thailand and we also went to my nephew, Philip’s wedding shower in Dallas. That was fun and we ended up bringing back Adley and Bennett home with us. We were able to spend some quality time with the kiddos as Kyle and Kara relocated to Wylie from Tyler. Kara took a job with Garland ISD as a principle in one the schools there and Kyle is coaching for Community ISD, which is a consolidated school district East of Dallas.

Philip and Mary Beth, the future Mrs. Grimsley – that sounds funny

Joanna and Dad

me and Mr Bennett

Adley and myself

Kynlee, Bennett, Wyatt and Adley – let me say it was HARD to get this photo

August, David and I went on a vacation to Victoria, British Columbia. We had such a great time – our friends, Ed and Michelle joined us. It was beautiful there, but they had a heat wave just to make us feel like we were home. Ha! We had high tea at the Empress Hotel. That was a lot of fun and we went with 2 sisters from Tennessee that we met on the Victoria Clipper (people only ferry) over to Victoria. Even though it was just finger food and tea, it was lovely! We got to visit Butchart Gardens and toured Craigdarroch castle and we did a 12-mile bike ride around town. That was fun, but ended up being a lot of work navigating their hillside terrain.

the castle

Ed and Michelle’s arrival

I love a grand table setting at the Empress

Nancy and Janice at high tea

David and I at the high tea

our food, it was so good

our new friends taking a carriage ride. We actually ran into them 3 times unplanned!

David, Ed and Michelle on our bikes

a break on our bike ride

just one photo of the gardens, don’t miss an opportunity to go there

Another adventure we did was an 8-line, zip line tour. Oh it was so much fun, the longest line was 1000 feet. I don’t think I had a death grip this trip, but I was sure holding on.

David showing off!

after our complete zip line tour

We were extremely blessed to have such a great time in Canada, next time I hope it is much cooler. I also need to blog more often just so I don’t forget the process! Ugh!

You are in my prayers, love and hugs,

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What’s Old Is New Again

Hello, if you are still out there! I know it has been a long time since blogged but things have been crazy, I guess more so than my usual trying to get the store ready and do samples, etc. I’ve had a lot to write about but not that much time to write and when I stopped I was tired! Plus I had started a blog several weeks ago and I had computer problems and lost it, since I had not saved it I decided to not do it at all.

I decided to open my shop Monday – Saturday from 10 to 5:30, so if you are in the area please stop in and see me, I’d love to see you! It has been a lot of fun getting it all done and I think I’m about settled in. I’ve got free sit and sew dates posted on my website calendar, maybe you can join in for those too.

Yesterday we got the news that my cabinet was ready for pick up and David and I picked it up at Town & Country Sales.

I wanted to show you what it looked like in the beginning! I loved the piece but the years had taken its toll on it and since it was in bad shape and it was recessed into my kitchen plus it would impact my kitchen cabinets and placement of my refrigerator I decided to get David to take it out. I asked him to save it and maybe we could re-use it later.

this is what it looked like in the beginning

you can see the false bottom better now

Later finally came in January. We took it over to T&C and I asked them to build a bottom, as it had a false bottom, no legs, just the drawers built into the wall.

this is the front of the cabinet

the doors

Once it came time for them to work on it, I worked with them on the design and asked them to just mirror the bottom and to use the drawers that we had.

They had to strip out the top half and the drawers and we took a lot of our old wood over there for them to use and hopefully my original glass doors would survive all of the work.

One of the biggest surprises on this piece was the bead board back. It was beautiful and I told him that I wanted them to flip the back to the inside and they did!

the back of the cabinet

Little by little the piece was transformed! I am so pleased – I guess that’s an understatement! I love it!

before it was stained

We brought it home yesterday and I moved things around today and now it has a place to shine! Thankfully, Joseph was off and was able to help David get it into the shop! Thank you David and Joseph, I appreciate your help so very much!

before taking it home

in its new home

I hope to see you soon!
I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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My Fake Wall

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Several months ago, we had the opportunity to buy some Ikea storage closet units from one of David’s coworkers. They have great storage ability, but they did not have any doors and the thought of people or Me going up the stairs into the room and seeing open shelved storage was not appealing to me one bit.

here’s what we started with

At first I thought that I’d get our contractor, John to build a closet around them and then I decided that I really didn’t like that idea either, so I came up with the idea of turning their backs into the room and we could get some of that thin bead board paneling to cover the backs and then I could use the back “wall” to hang a quilt on it. After all, I have several quilts that I could put on display.

While we were moving out of our storage unit I noticed we had a good bit of shiplap and I got the idea that we should use the shiplap instead of the bead board. David could not wrap his mind around that because there was no frame. One morning I woke up with an epiphany and I told David I had an idea of how he could do it. I drew him a crude picture and the plan was formulated! Hence, our fake wall came to be.

the frame David made

this is our plan

David worked on the frame over a week ago and then he worked on the end boards, the sides. He has been working on it in place! I’m enjoying the progress!

frame is in place

a side view

one end done

the other end is done

We were out of town last weekend, so no real progress until this weekend. David took all the wood that we saved from the old exterior building walls to our home, dried them out while we were gone and then began cleaning them up. He scraped paint and sanded all the wood down and by Friday morning he was ready to finish up my fake wall.

our wood drying out

Friday we drove to Baytown and picked up my antique sofa at Town and Country Sales. I have sure enjoyed working with them, they are a family owned business and they are so pleasant to work with. Should you ever need any furniture work, I highly recommend them! I love my old sofa and I think they did an excellent job in redoing it!

After we got back to LaPorte we got the sofa out of the truck and it was so heavy it just sat in shop area. We hung several small quilts and after we got as many hung, as I knew where to hang, David started on finishing my fake wall.

He worked and worked, I assisted every now and then but by 3 he had finished it! We both were very pleased with the outcome and thought it come out nicely! David told me that he was glad I came up with the idea and so was I!

here it goes

more progress

all done!

I called our neighbor, Josh to see if he would help David move the sofa upstairs and he graciously agreed. Thank goodness he was able to help, otherwise it would still be there!

and my sofa in place!

Now I just have to figure out if I want to paint it or not. If I paint it, should it be white or gray like the walls? I think the gray would look the