2018 Quilts

Star of the West

a close up of Star of the West

Sweet Tea

a close up of Sweet Tea

Full Time Part Time

another view of Full Time Part Time

True Blue, Vintage Revival done

a full view of 30’s Triple

quilting of my 30’s triple

a full view of Smores

I thought I’d put Smores in the swing on the front porch of the retreat house

see the quilting on Smores

Pete is complete!

Sweet Tea is done

Triple 4 patch done

Full Time, Part Time done

Round & Round done

Reed’s Creek all done

a closer view of quilting on Reed’s Creek

Liberty Homestead all done

I couldn’t get it in one photo

a center view

my Itty Bitty Leaves

Indigo Star

I wanted to show a better view of where my Indigo Star landed

Moda Frival #11 finished

all done

a close up of the border

another close up view