On a Roll

Did you all have a nice Mother’s Day? Mine was very nice; Saturday we drove up to Tyler to be with Mom and it ended up that ALL 4 of us kids were able to spend Mother’s Day with mom. Our first one that we were all together in quite a while and one without Dad, and we wanted to try to make it more special for Mom. Katie and her family were there and I heard from all 3 of my boys. It was a great day!

Mom and me!

from left to right, myself, Pattie, Mom, Penny and Grady. We even ended up lining up in age order and it just happened

us girls! Katie, Mom, Kynlee and myself

my girl, Katie and myself

I was able to get a few quilts finished recently. I’ve been admiring this block for a while and decided that it was time to make time, to make this quilt. I wanted to use this Riley Blake blue as a background and use 30’s fabrics for the star blocks. The pattern is called Round & Round by Thimble Blossoms. I had to make sure I paid special attention to orientation of this block and I just stacked up all the sections and made the blocks in rows. It is now done!

Round & Round pattern

my stacks of Round & Round

my components

getting there on Round & Round

Round & Round done

I have been working a pattern by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, called Full Time/Part Time. It is made with Lisa’s new line of fabrics that just arrived called Homestead Gatherings – all brushed cottons. They feel so nice and were nice to work with. I have almost the entire line at the shop and we have several of these kits at the shop, come by and get your kit.

Full Time, Part Time pattern

my large blocks for Full Time, Part Time

small hour glass blocks

laying out Full Time

Full Time, Part Time done

We also kitted up another one of Primitive Gathering’s patterns called Check Out. It is really nice and done in her brushed cottons as well. That will be on the menu next.

Checked Out pattern

I got my binding in my Pete The Cat lap quilt and I was pleased how that one turned out and I think I have 2 more kits at the shop in case you are interested. It is made from a panel and it went together very well.

Pete is complete!

notice the cute cat paw quilted by Jan

Last year, I was in a swap with Cynthia E, Ivy, Julie and Lecia. We made a triple 4-patches up in 30’s fabrics. The blocks finish at 6-inches and for something so cute, there sure was a lot of sewing involved in those little blocks. I laid them out on the floor a few weeks ago and I decided that it was time to put them together. I was surprised how easy it went together. Not too many points to have to worry about, I just had to watch were they came together in the center.

working on my triple 4-patch

more done on triple 4-patch

Kyle and Adley came in last week and Adley wanted to help me assemble the top. Adley got the idea that she needed one too; she enjoyed finding all the different objects in the 30’s fabrics. I remembered that I had some extra blocks and I ended up putting them together for her Barbie and her feet! (Her words! Ha!) I even quilted it, crudely I might add, but it was fine and I even trimmed up the quilt and did a machine binding. Done is great and I got a 2-fer! I’m not sure why I put this quilt on the back burner, but for whatever reason, I’m glad this one is done.

Adley with her newest cousin, Nolan

Nolan, he is so cute. Notice his lovely red hair!

Triple 4 patch done

Adley and her little quilt

Next up was one from Jeanne Horton’s new line, Farmhouse Living, called Sweet Tea designed by Selma Bennett. This is the first time I have ever made this block. It is made up completely from half-squared triangles. I got it finished mid week, it’s a small one, I think the quilt is 41×41. It is true to its name…”Sweet”!

one block of Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea in the works

Sweet Tea is done

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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2 Responses to On a Roll

  1. Joyce Miller says:

    All your quilts look adorable! As well as your grands! Nice family pictures! Thanks for sharing. I’ve started my quilt made with True Blue Feedsack reproductions. Love love the blues😍😍

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