Fly Away Geese!

The weekend of April 21st we had Denise Green of HollyDee Quilts come from her shop in Luling to teach us, at our “Quiltworx Pick Your Pattern” class retreat, as she is a certified Quiltworx instructor. We had some working on their Bali Wedding Ring, Fractured Star, Flowers for My Wedding Ring, Diamond Wedding Star, Pepperdish, and I believe Weathered Windmill. I was working away and told myself that I was going to get to my outer border, but as got closer to the end of my plan, I started planning my next project. Not really a bad idea, but maybe a little unrealistic.

I finally finished working on my flying geese and I laid them out, as they should be arranged, from dark, medium to light. The geese look great, but it was a lot of sewing and I was doing the happy dance when I got to the end of that task!

colors all laid out

As soon as I finished I got up and started thinking about the Quiltworx, Prismatic Star pattern. I really wanted to work with a particular background and wanted to plan around that and use some of my Kaffe fabrics. Denise and I strategized colors and fabrics and formulated a plan, but first I needed to work on strips.

next up!

planning begins

plan in motion

our guide for prismatic star

I got all the strips sewn on papers in record time! Special thanks goes out to Kelleigh for helping me by doing my prep work. It was wonderful; now putting them back together is an entirely different animal. I did get one diamond constructed and then I got back on task.

strips all done

one diamond done!

I got all my flying geese sewn as a border strip and then attached to the mother ship! Finally, now I only have one more border to do!

my geese poop

flying geese border is on!

Our next Quiltworx, “Pick your Pattern” retreat with Denise Green is scheduled for September 12-16, 2018. I have the paperwork available if anyone wants to register, just let me know and I can email it to you or you can find it on my website. (

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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2 Responses to Fly Away Geese!

  1. Joyce Miller says:

    Those are beautiful!! Almost makes it look simple 😜😜😜

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