Some Amends

I’d like to clarify some quilt labels from the show.

“Ancient Stars”, “Oaks in New York”, and “Postage Due” were made by Sue Garmen. Her daughter, Jenny entered them in the show for Sue. When the programs were made, Jenny’s was exchanged to Sue’s. Then the signs were made with the “old” information. The program is available online on the LQG website on the quilt show page.

Ancient Stars

Oaks in New York

Postage Due quilt

508 – Sue Garman – Oaks in New York
Special Exhibit of Quilts by Sue Garman 77.5 x 101. Pieced by Machine. Appliqued Quilted by Hand. Made by Sue Garman, Becky Stephenson, Judy Green, Ann Griffin, Jeanette Cobb, and Gail Roman. Design Source: Based on Sue’s Sleeping Beauty pattern with oak leaf reels added in the centers. Completed in 2016. Owner’s Description: New York Beauty quilts are known for their complexity and beauty. The earliest New York Beauty quilts appear to have been made in the early to mid-1800s. Sue’s Sleeping Beauty pattern was based on a quilt that she saw that was made in 1874 by a 17-year old girl from Pennsylvania. She was amazed to realize that a young girl made it then without the use of rotary cutters mats and rulers and that hers was hand-pieced. In this recreation of her Sleeping Beauty quilt she added oak leaf reels in the centers to create more depth and complexity. After Sue finished making this quilt top and started hand quilting it herself she was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer and quickly became too weak to complete the quilting herself. She was blessed with an amazing group of friends who volunteered to complete the quilting for her so that she could enjoy seeing the completed work.

Becky and some of her friends completed the hand quilting on Oaks in New York. They worked like crazy so that Sue could see the completed quilt. They gave it to her at Houston Quilt Festival in 2016. It was the last Festival that Sue attended.

In case you didn’t know … Some of Sue’s quilts will be on display at the Texas Quilt Museum in LaGrange, June 28 – September 30 2018.

I also made an error on labeling one of the miniature quilts; it was made by Sharon Mayer.

mini by Sharon Mayer

Sorry for all the wrong information!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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