Twenty Eighteen!

Another year, it is hard to believe but it is here! I for one am glad to see 2017 “in the books”. There were a lot of things that happened last year, some good and some bad and that is normally the case but just looking back it seems that the bad things were really rough. I lost some sewing friends and that is always a bitter dose. Two of my sons and their families relocated, one to Dallas area and one to Italy! Yes, the country of Italy! The other two children are increasing the size of their families. That is always exciting, one baby arrives towards the end of January and the other baby arrives in April.


We had a lot of extreme weather and even though I was not directly hit by Harvey, it did have an impact on retreating. We even had snow and then last week it was icy cold!

ice last week

We had a nice Christmas and David and I managed to get the home décor all put away last weekend. It is so nice to see all the decorations fill the house and then when it is gone it always feels a little empty when it is all put away, even though it feels clean and fresh.

I wanted to share some Christmas photos with my Mom and Bennett. This is his first year that he is aware of things and I love watching toddlers gaze at the Christmas tree. I don’t know why I love those pictures. Maybe it goes back to my own childhood memories where I loved gazing and dreaming into the Christmas tree. For some reason, they just seem magical to me. Does that happen to you?

Mom and Bennett

this just warms my heart

He had for inspect further!

My love for Fisher Price toys. He seemed to enjoy

I hope they are buddies for a long, long time!

On to Twenty Eighteen, I hope it is a great year for you. It has started off with a bang. Our first Saturday of the year was a great one. Thank you to all the people who stopped by the first week of the year! Your patronage is greatly appreciated!

I got to sew during the week and you know, I love being able to do that. I got to work on Red Crinoline Quilts, Block of the Month. You know, I’m also working on my 2018 project list – unfortunately I have several from 2017 that I haven’t finished and get to carry forward. I also worked on one of the Frivols, number 11. It is coming along nicely.

Frivol number 11!

progress over the weekend

I am also busy working on a new shop sample. The pattern is from Primitive Gatherings, called Full-Time/Part-Time. This kit is made up of brushed homespun fabrics and is very nice to feel and work with. They will arrive sometime in April.


my fabrics are ready to go back together

I hope you have a wonderful 2018 and you are blessed beyond measure!

I am truly blessed and I hope you are blessed by your daily threads! Love and hugs,


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I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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1 Response to Twenty Eighteen!

  1. Patricia Edens says:

    Happy New Year Ronda! I also have a few 2017 projects that have rolled over to 2018. Need to knock them out quick!
    Many blessings!

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