Maybe Back to a Routine

How are things in your corner of the world? Hurricane Harvey has certainly left its mark in so many different areas of Houston. I know some of you didn’t fair so well with Hurricane Harvey and then some of you did. To the ones that are having to deal with water issues, I am extremely apologetic! I can only begin to imagine what all you are dealing with. One of our couple friends that live in Baytown lost everything. David helped them yesterday along with our running group, they worked on the massive clean up. Water came within 5 inches of their ceiling, we went back over there today and it is truly humbling, yet gut wrenching to have their entire life be on the curb. They lost everything, the only thing that remains is their studs and bricks and I guess the insurance company will decide if it is “dozable”. I tried to keep the tears back, but I couldn’t. All of their neighbors were also doing the same thing and as I sit in my comfortable, cool home I feel completely humble and blessed to have been completely untouched from any devastation – almost guilty, however we are very thankful!

We drove over to Mom and Dad’s, Channelview was very hard hit, as well as Interstate 10, in fact, it was closed from 610 past San Jacinto River. That is really hard to believe! Thankfully, water had subsided and we were able to see watermarks as we drove. Simply mind-boggling! Their house did have water, but I’m not sure how to research it, we think it was only on their floor. Someone is going to come look at it tomorrow.

Slowly but surely things are returning to normal and then only to a degree. Local fast-food places are only open part-time and only operate through their drive-through. We were happy to visit our local Gringo’s Mexican food place and they were open, but not a full menu and no “green salsa”.

After dinner we went our area Wal-Mart to buy a few groceries, it was about 7:15 and the doors that we normally enter were locked and then noticed we could only enter at the other end and that they closed at 8. We sure have gotten comfortable with our “easy goes it” attitude and “always open” mentality. Needles to say they didn’t have eggs, the meat and cold sections were sparse. No Diet Cokes for David, but the beer/wine isle was properly stocked! Wahoo for me! Anyway, we quickly got what we could and made our way to the checkout counter.

On another note, the retreat house was also untouched. Blessed again! Thanks to all who have asked about both places, we ARE open! Sit and Sew dates have been published on Facebook and a newsletter will be going out very soon!

Now to life before Harvey – in July, I was only posted once and I had decided that I would try hard to publish once a week in August, but that didn’t happen either, in fact, no posts at all. It appears my ability to juggle is getting worse and worse. I’m sorry. I do enjoy posting but between everything, I just haven’t been able to make it work. One of these days, I hope to work out a better schedule. I do enjoy a schedule or a routine, I tend to feel more accomplished and there is just something about a routine that soothes me. Maybe it is my “Libra” sign coming out – I do love balance in my life!

The end of July we were able to spend some quality time with Joanna, she flew in from Thailand and we also went to my nephew, Philip’s wedding shower in Dallas. That was fun and we ended up bringing back Adley and Bennett home with us. We were able to spend some quality time with the kiddos as Kyle and Kara relocated to Wylie from Tyler. Kara took a job with Garland ISD as a principle in one the schools there and Kyle is coaching for Community ISD, which is a consolidated school district East of Dallas.

Philip and Mary Beth, the future Mrs. Grimsley – that sounds funny

Joanna and Dad

me and Mr Bennett

Adley and myself

Kynlee, Bennett, Wyatt and Adley – let me say it was HARD to get this photo

August, David and I went on a vacation to Victoria, British Columbia. We had such a great time – our friends, Ed and Michelle joined us. It was beautiful there, but they had a heat wave just to make us feel like we were home. Ha! We had high tea at the Empress Hotel. That was a lot of fun and we went with 2 sisters from Tennessee that we met on the Victoria Clipper (people only ferry) over to Victoria. Even though it was just finger food and tea, it was lovely! We got to visit Butchart Gardens and toured Craigdarroch castle and we did a 12-mile bike ride around town. That was fun, but ended up being a lot of work navigating their hillside terrain.

the castle

Ed and Michelle’s arrival

I love a grand table setting at the Empress

Nancy and Janice at high tea

David and I at the high tea

our food, it was so good

our new friends taking a carriage ride. We actually ran into them 3 times unplanned!

David, Ed and Michelle on our bikes

a break on our bike ride

just one photo of the gardens, don’t miss an opportunity to go there

Another adventure we did was an 8-line, zip line tour. Oh it was so much fun, the longest line was 1000 feet. I don’t think I had a death grip this trip, but I was sure holding on.

David showing off!

after our complete zip line tour

We were extremely blessed to have such a great time in Canada, next time I hope it is much cooler. I also need to blog more often just so I don’t forget the process! Ugh!

You are in my prayers, love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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