Lakeview Quilt Show 2018

The first weekend in May was the Lakeview Guild quilt show that was to honor and celebrate the life of Sue Garmen. I have yet to complete one of her patterns but I do have several on my bucket list of ones to make.

We had a great show, there were many wonderful quilts and it always amazes me when I see how people interprets patterns in “their” color way.

made by Sharon Mayer, her Halo Medallion, Best of Show

by Ann Miley, her Okehampton. it won the Presidents Ribbon

the center of Ann’s quilt

this was made by Patty Lang from ties, I had to take another photo of

done by Cynthia Clark, Bubble Gum Beauty

Jan’s wedding ring

Postage Due quilt, this is on my “to do” list

a version of Sue’s Halo Medallion quilt by Peggy Richards

Jerrianne’s ribbons

Jerrianne’s Grape quilt, it was beautiful

I loved the colors and the black and white stripe

this was done by Ramona and was beautiful

Ancient Stars, by Jenny Arkinson, it was beautiful

by Jenny Atkinson, Oaks in New York. it was gorgeous too

by Becky S, it was amazing

I can’t remember who made this, but I sure loved it

a close of the center from the Halo Medallion

and a close up of the border treatment.

Jerrianne’s Reels, it was beautiful

a full view of Marsha Fuller’s quilt

Marsha’s closer up

Papa Bear by Jenny Arkinson. these were wonderful

Jenny Arkinson’s Momma Bear

mini Baby Bear by Jenny Arkinson

I entered 4 quilts, 3 full size, and 1 miniature.

The first one was my Ruby Splendor which was a sew along with Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, her Magic of Christmas. I have been collecting red fabrics for a while and I used my own stash, but I did use Lisa’s red muslin fabric and her tan muslin in the finish. I love how this quilt finished up and how Cindy Gravely quilted it. It ended up getting second place in its category.

my Ruby Splendor

The second one I entered was entitled Bow Tie Me A River; this quilt was also designed by Lisa Bongean. It is a simple bow tie block that finishes at 2-inches, but it has a great setting and has 1512 blocks in the quilt and 9072 pieces in this quilt. I entered it in the category of Celebrating Sue. It was not one of Sue’s patterns, but I thought it would be one that she would have enjoyed as she loved scrappy quilts and I got an honorable mention, I was proud of that.

my Bow Tie Me a River

My third entry was my “Everywhere I Go” which was Lisa’s summer block of the week called Somewhere In Time. I did not earn a show ribbon, but I did earn a different kind of ribbon. I wasn’t really sure what I won until Friday when I got a letter explaining the ribbon. It was from NACQJ, (National Association of Certified Quilt Judges) an award for work on my quilt. There were only 2 ribbons given out at the show and I got one of them. Wow, I am honored.

Everywhere I Go

My last entry was my miniature My Happy Home, also a Lisa Bongean quilt design. It didn’t win anything, but I was ok with that. See some of the miniatures that were entered in the quilt show!

mini by me, my happy home

mini by Georgann’s “Just a Little Revenge” it was amazing

mini quilt by Jenny Arkinson 20.5×24

mini by Cynthia Clark, Hugs and Kisses 20×20

One of the fundraisers that the guild does in conjunction with the quilt show is to have a “mini” quilt auction. This means guild members make and sell quilts during or before the quilt show. The “littles” is what I like to call them, they are donated and once they are ready, they are handed in and you can “buy it now” or see if you can be the winner in a silent auction, hopefully at a reduced price. The “buy it now” option is great, but you are locked in at the price of $75.

The “littles” have become very popular and almost sot after. I know that I sure do! They usually begin surfacing at the spring retreat at the end of March and if it is one you really like, one had better “buy it now” or it will be on someone else’s wall! This year I was unable to attend the spring retreat and for one reason or the other I never followed through on contacting the one in charge of the event until our April meeting. Some of Sue’s unfinished blocks surfaced and received a new life as a “little”. The “littles” were bought up like hotcakes and I missed out on Sue’s blocks but I was able to snag one of Becky’s miniature quilts! So my search started to see if I could find “one more of Sue’s blocks. I talked to Jerrianne to see if there might be one more. Jerrianne and her sister, Becky have really made a tremendous sacrifice and have generously donated several miniature quilts over the past years and this year they were in high demand.

this is the first one I got from Becky

Jerrianne called me and asked me about a block and I was able to get “Blue Sue” Block! On Saturday, I was able to pick up my little quilt made from one of Sue’s blocks. It is the most adorable “little” that I’ve seen. Jerrianne took one block, sashed it and put the sweetest finishing touches on it. It means so much to me that Jerrianne was kind enough to do it for me and that is was an orphan block, but not anymore! Thank you Jerrianne, I really love her!

this was the one that Jerrianne made for me.

I also got a couple more, one other done by Becky and one finished up by Eula Monahan. I haven’t hung them up yet, but I will!

If I understand correctly, Sue made the geese and Eula put it together

I got this one in the silent auction, done by Becky

If you need fundraiser ideas for your guild, making and selling miniature quilts are sure a good way to do just that. I’d sure like to know how much money was raised this year. However, Sue’s blocks or miniatures are going towards a scholarship fund in her honor.

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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3 Responses to Lakeview Quilt Show 2018

  1. Linda LaBrot says:

    Thank you for posting the quilts from the Lakewood show, Ronda. It is always one of my favorites to attend but schedule conflicts prevented it this year. I can imagine Sue was smiling from Heaven. She has left an amazing legacy.

  2. Loucat says:

    I’m in love with your “Everywhere I Go”…

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