Angel Wings in Seventeen

It has been a great past few days, a lot is going on around here! In a way, nothing unusual but I guess what has been happening is not the norm!

Thursday was my day for being a quilt angel at the Houston International Quilt Festival! I made my trek downtown and got parked and off to work I went! Well it wasn’t really work, but more like Christmas – seeing what was going to come out of the box, one by one!

I am always simply amazed at the volume of talent that is out there – incredible!

These are as they were hung and not in any particular order, I hope you enjoy the “mini” show.

This one was 3-D from a distance, sure enough I walked up and it really was.

in 3-D

I am always amazed at the Japanese quilts that are entered. The intricacy is far beyond what I can comprehend. I do wonder how long it takes them to make a quilt and if they have more than one going at a time.

I love this, tons of work!

part of the details

more details

another beautiful detailed quilt

a closer view

one block, and tiny!

the knots on the binding

This one is made from men’s ties and was very impressive!

the tie quilt

a closer view of the tie quilt

I love to be surprised by quilts made from people I know. Valerie Wagner made this quilt. I love all the color and interest it has Valerie!

Valerie’s quilt

This one was all hand quilted and they were beautiful!

this was incredible, hand quilted

a closer view of one of the blocks

another block, notice the quilting

each year there is an alphabet quilt


more embellishments

look at this one! beautiful


and even closer, the circles are smaller than a dime

the center

Some of these are just ones I liked and wanted to share!

I had to show these houses!

a lot of details

the center

one border

I was intrigued by this one

notice the gorgeous quilting

more beautiful quilting

I love the colors in this, the black sure made the colors pop

the front of the quilt

Rhonda Dort’s back, how special is that!

look at this one!

all panels are dots!!!

a closer look at the dots

This year Festival is doing a tribute to commemorate the life and talent of Sue Garman. I have always been in awe of her talent and she is dearly missed. After my scheduled time I decided to go over and look at all of her quilts on display. For some reason it really felt like I was on hallowed ground. It ended up being very emotional for me; these are just some of her quilts.

Postage Due

one of her log cabin quits

this was beautiful too!

one of her latest accomplishments

a closer view

another close view section

she loved colors

I loved the little monsters

loved the Halloween quilts

a closer view of the top

loved this in 30’s

a closer view

Feathered Star

beautiful feathered star


a closer view of these sweet blocks

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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6 Responses to Angel Wings in Seventeen

  1. marysalmon says:

    You are an angel! Thanks for the pictures!
    Totally amazing work!
    Mary in Texas

  2. warriorzulema says:

    This is so thoughtful of you to do this for us who cannot be there. You have always been a very thoughtful person. Thank you for taking the time to identify each piece. They are breathtaking. Such talent.

    Is this the International Quilt Festival? I thought it was the second week in November.

    Blessings Zulema

    Zulema Ante’ Richards Richards Realty, LLC 9950 Cypresswood Drive, Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77070 713-359-8593 Direct


    • ronda926 says:

      they hang all the quilts before Market so they are welcoming all the ones attending International Quilt Show, which begins November 1st at 7pm through November 5th. it is a beautiful thing! it is my pleasure to share, as I know all cannot attend!

  3. Rhonda Dort says:

    Thanks for the pictures of my little piece 🙂

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