Beaumont 2018 Quilt Show

Don’t faint! I’m trying to catch up on my “newsy” stuff, therefore another post! I was asked by one of my favorite groups to look into and try to vend at the Beaumont quilt show. I put it off too long, but it eventually got worked out and I was able to vend. I was reluctant to vend because the thought of packing and moving my store to another site it not that compelling and then there is the thought process of trying to figure out what to take or not.

Once the final decision was made that I was going, the packing began. I took a good variety of Primitive Gathering woolens, Valdani threads, some wool and quilt kits that I had and off I went. My mom was my traveling companion and it went pretty well. The vending thing is going to take some getting use to, but it was a great way to get my name/shop out there and maybe more customers coming my way.

My lovely assistant!

my booth

booth corner

woolens and kits


another view

clocks for sale

Saturday morning, Mom and I got to Ford Park early and went toured all the quilts. They had a bunch of quilts, maybe around 400 or so. I took a bunch of pictures and I thought I would share.

Linda’s 30’s quilt. it didn’t place but I still liked it

I love this Halloween quilt

Pickle relish, I think is the name

Linda’s Bear Paw! it was wonderful, she got judges choice

Linda’s ribbon

this was Susan’s and I sure liked it too

I love 30’s quilts

a closer view

Joyce’s quilt

I loved this Birds in the Air quilt. I think they were 3 inch finished blocks. very well done

loved the color movement

I loved this one too

I really liked the black check and how it played with the blocks

I love how the large half-squares frame the blocks

this was unbelievably beautiful! Great job Mona!

a closer view of the center

I loved this one

loved these fabrics

I’m not a green person, but I sure liked this one

they had several one-block wonders. the border fabric is what they used inside. It just amazes me

Mr. James’ quilt

Mr James got several ribbons! wonderful talent

I loved this little bitty

when we looked at this one, my mom said that I had an uncle who said this phrase all the time! I love you Uncle George!

love the plaids

look what I spotted Ms. Cynthia!

faces are so hard and Dot did a great job

Linda made this one and she did a great job

I loved this one too

Hester Carnew made and Cathy Carnew quilted and entered it in the show. They got Best of Show

Cathy and Hester’s ribbons

I loved this of Linda’s

this one was amazing too

Mona’s ribbon

more eye candy

this was Joyce’s too. Great use of fabrics

a closer view of Joyce’s quilt

Joyce’s ribbon

I loved this color play

this one was amazing too! I loved how the color makes an addition pattern

I loved this one too. I love the gold tone

Mr James’ quilt

I loved this fingerprint idea and how they did it!

a closer view of the phases! most interesting

I loved this one, I’m not sure what this pattern was but I liked the spikes

a closer view

this belonged to Joyce! she had a very busy 2 years!

I took this one for ideas to use for charm squares. it turned out very nicely

this belongs to Joyce, it was lovely!

I love a postage stamp quilt


another beauty

I love this one. I have an entire set of triple 4patches to assemble, done in 30’s fabrics. I took this to get me going!

prismatic star, I loved the colors

Linda’s cups, she sure did a great job!

a beauty

So much inspiration! Beaumont ladies and gentlemen, you did a fabulous job and I look forward to the next show in 2020!

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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22 Responses to Beaumont 2018 Quilt Show

  1. globrister says:

    The quilts that you shared are spectacular. I kept thinking one was my favorite then the next was my favorite…. I finally decided that the fingerprint is my favorite.
    I will definitely go to the show in 2020.
    Thank you, g

  2. Auntie Em says:

    Thank you so much for coming and for the kind words!!
    Melinda from GTQG

  3. It was a great show – sorry I missed saying hello – our first time to vend also and the show committe and attendees made it a great show for us. The quilt were stunning and inspiring – thanks for the photos and fabulous summary. Glad you enjoyed the show too!

  4. Becky Bridges says:

    I am so glad you were able to come and share our beautiful show with us. Your booth was very homey and nice. Enjoyed meeting your mother. See you soon and in 2020

  5. janetamarney says:

    What lovely quilts! Thank you for sharing. I appreciate the times you included the artists’ names, but could you tell me who made the fingerprint one? And who made the “Use it up, wear it out” scrap quilt? That was a common phrase during the Depression, and still viable today. I have pinned some of these lovely quilts to my Pinterest quilting boards, and I’d like to give proper credit. Third question: where is Beaumont? 🙂 Thanks again!

    • ronda926 says:

      yes, it was a great show! I don’t know who made that quilt with the print on it, but I can find out if you like. I took my Mom to the show and she knew the phrase well, in fact, she said one of my Uncles said it often. Beaumont is a big port town and is northeast of Houston, Texas. We have to drive through it to get to Louisiana. Beaumont has a lot of history.

      • janetamarney says:

        Thank you for answering so quickly! Yes, I would love to have the artists’ names for both the fingerprint quilt and the “use it up” quilt, if possible. You are so lucky to live near Houston – I bet you go to IQF every year! I’ve been about 5 times. It’s the biggest and the best show! I take hundreds of photos and post them on my facebook page for those who couldn’t make it there. Everyone loves seeing the beautiful quilts, and I’ve been able to expose a lot of non-quilters to this wonderful art form. 🙂

  6. Carol Scharl says:

    Do you know what the pattern is for the quilt with the triangles and the gold zig zag or where it can be purchased? Thanks for your help!

  7. janetamarney says:

    Thanks for the info! It’s so important to give credit to the artists! 🙂

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