Production Time

I couldn’t sleep Wednesday morning, so I got up and decided to cut out a kit and maybe I’d get it sewn up. At least, that was the plan!

While I was in California in January, one of my purchases at Primitive Gatherings CA was a kit of mainly Jeanne Horton fabrics using the pattern called Miller Manor. The quilt was hanging above the kit and it was quite a lure. After it staring at me for most of the day I decided that I “needed” it! So into my basket and homeward it went!

my kit

Miller Manor pattern

I think I need it for my new room over at the Retreat house, so I need to get cracking.

I got busy cutting and as one’s rotary cutting blade goes dull and I have to keep going and re-cutting the same spot 2-3 times, it is obvious it is time to break down and change out the blade!

Oh, how nice and smooth a new blade cuts – it is funny how one forgets that, at least I sure do. How sweet it is!

I got it almost all cut out and then I had some errands to run and off I went.

my kit all cut

My tankless water heater was installed yesterday. Wahoo, now I have hot water! However there appears to be a “monster” in my utility closet! I’m not sure what I’m going to do to camouflage that, but I will have to come up with something.

my water heater monster

One idea is to put a closet or casing around it. My Uncle Jack once had a picture frame hanging over a television that was mounted inside the wall, so I’m thinking I might get David to build a “book case of sorts” on hinges that will swing back and forth should I need to access the heater. As soon as you open the screen door – BAM, it is in your face! Ugh and it is NOT pretty!

One of the things that I was not pleased with was the hinges for my small bead board doors. They had been painted so many times the little balls on them looked like that had points and they just looked awful in my opinion. So I decided to buy some reproductions ones that would accent them a little more.

This is what I bought for replacement!

my pretty ones that I cannot use

I was informed that these were not the right kind, they were butterfly hinges and I needed half mortise hinges (my technical term was “z”, because that is what they looked like from the side).

Since we are getting down to the end and time is of the essence they removed the hinges and I brought them home with me to clean up. I had read that I could remove paint by boiling them in water. I did a Google search on them and sure enough it did say that. I got a little more information and I decided to go for it.

boiling hinges

see the paint bubble up

Look what I ended up with – brass was under all the paint! They still look a little unfinished and I’m not sure all the brass will come to surface so I’m just going to spray paint them with a flat black finish.

2 down, 2 to go

all paint removed with a little scrubbing

Here’s the finished product, I told David that we rescued some hardware! Ha! Anyway I’m very pleased with how they turned out!

my newly refurbished hinges

I took my antique rocker over to Town & Country Sales today for them to recover. I can’t wait to see how “she” will look upon her return. I had an awful time choosing which fabric for the chair. There was 2 color ways and I really could not decide which one! Should I go neutral or not? Angela left the room and I decided and by the time she returned I had changed my mind again! Ugh! Bottom line either would be a great choice. Which one would you choose?

top is the chair color in blue, the seat will be on the sofa

the top section is it in creams/gray. the seat is the sofa fabric

David and I had taken our antique sofa over there last week and I picked out the upholstery for that today as well. Things are slowly but surely coming together.

my sofa estate sale find

here’s a side view, it is an old sleeper sofa

I did get some sewing time in today! Wahoo! My progress thus far!

one block and part of the alternate blocks

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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4 Responses to Production Time

  1. Karen says:

    You were at Town and Country in Baytown? Next time, come see me…l don’t live far away from there at all. Have used them for several upholstery jobs…they do a great job and are so pleasant to deal with.

    • ronda926 says:

      hi Karen, I had no idea you were close to them or I would have had you come and give my your vote for chair colored fabric! They are a pleasure to deal with for sure!!!

  2. marysalmon says:

    Paint the parts of the water heater to look like a man running. Cool.
    Beige floral for chair.
    Awesome “new” hinges!
    Love the blocks!

    • ronda926 says:

      Hello Mary,
      thank you so much for commenting! I had not thought of the “man running”. LOL I do have a cool project in mind for my husband and you know he is “thrilled”. also thank you for picking a color! I almost went with the beige but it was too close to the color of the chair, so I went with the blue, it really pops! we will see!

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