March Winds

I catch myself coming and going, I guess going more than I care to admit, but I stay pretty busy. I hope you are enjoying your spring!

I did get to shop in the fields during Warrenton Antique days, I did an up and back “shop till you drop” day trip on Tuesday, the 28th. I ended up doing a solo trip but I had a very productive day. I had my list of things that I wanted to see about finding and then there are always the little things that I don’t need to list. For example, my little doily dresses. Big grin! I do love those little things.

I like to spot vintage quilts and I found another one this trip, but I didn’t bring it home. It sure had an interesting background that I just may have to try one time; I do love this Lonestar quilt.

vintage lonestar quilt

I also found this great treadle base for $100 but no one was around and I was getting very hot, so I opted to keep on moving plus I didn’t know about getting it back to my car.

old treadle base

I found this cute, cute old drug store parlor bench and table, but I left it behind too.

parlor bench and table

This was my score on toys and doily dresses!

my new additions

Notice the attached pantaloons! Aren’t they cute!!!

look at the bottoms

I needed to get some more bead board for my half bathroom. I found the vendor on Craig’s list and she saved it for me, she was in Roundtop. It was a great find and perfect for me!

old/new wood

I also got a low hanging pendant light for the top of the stairs, but no photo and I got a double set of sewing machine drawers. I also got a couple more surprises but I’m going to wait and share them when I can take a photo of before and after. I try to photo when I’m shopping but I get excited and forget. LOL

my sewing drawers

Wednesday the 29th we had a terrible rainstorm in LaPorte and I was packing up getting ready for our spring Lakeview Guild retreat, it threw me late but I was one happy camper once I arrived in Galveston!

I got to work on my Sew Kind of Wonderful, Mod Owl pattern. I had all of my blocks pieced, but I just needed to get sewn together into blocks. Later I got them lined up how I wanted them. This was a great pattern and a lot of fun. The designers know how to oversize their sewing and it is very forgiving; therefore the trimming process makes for a wonderful block. I’m one happy camper!

my Mod Owls ready for rows

Mod owls completed

Oh, I wanted to share this block swap that Cindy was working on. I do love this block and I thought her top turned out great!

Cindy’s project

I love going around looking around seeing the wide array of projects that they all are working on. I found Becky and she was working on one of “Geoff’s Mom Patterns”. I love Becky’s background fabric; the entire project is very cute! There were lots of other projects but somehow I forgot to photo them. Sorry!

Becky’s project

Becky had a sweet surprise for me; she found some doily dresses/bloomers to add to my collection! They are so cute! Thank you so much Becky for thinking of me, I can’t wait to hang them up!

my gifts from Becky

Once I got my Mod Owls all sewn together, I went to work on my 30’s tumbler top. This is a great, fast and fun project. You use the Creative Grid Tumbler ruler on your favorite roll of 2-½ inch strips and in no time you can enjoy your progress! The ruler is super easy and the semi-circular cut outs make it easy to cut both sides of the tumbler.

the beginning of my tumblers

I used the Riley Blake Toy Chest2 roll and a Marcus Fabric roll of Aunt Grace’s by Judie Rothermel. If you don’t have them, try cutting strips of your favorite 30’s fabric. I am enjoying this project. I did press my seams open so I could nest the seams and I was pleased with the outcome. I have some of these at my shop; contact me if you are interested in one. This would also a make a great trade of strips to get a wide variety for your top. I made mine 40 tumblers wide and I have 8 rows sewn together for now. What do you think?

my tumblers thus far

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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2 Responses to March Winds

  1. Sharon Tusa says:

    Ronda, my daughter has an old treadle cabinet complete with machine. If you are wanting one let me know, she is moving and can’t take it. Might work out well for you both. Your new little dolly dresses are so cute.

  2. Love the new dolly dresses–hope that you can find the pattern soon!! Mod Owls are hooting cute and the tumblers from strips a great idea!!–hope to see them this weekend!!

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