Have Thread Will Travel

I want to say that I love a portable project, especially when there’s a great possibility of sitting and a slow day of not being able to do anything. Friday I had a day shift and that normally equates to not having a lot to do and I didn’t want to waste away on my phone so I packed my Primitive Gatherings, My Crazy Life and worked on my stitches. It turned out to be a good thing and a better use of time.

stitching away

Saturday morning I got up and cooked until noon. I was one busy momma! I made spinach dip, a buttermilk pie, and Oreo cheesecake, along with supplies to make garlic bread. We had a full family gathering Saturday afternoon at Josh’s. My 2 families that live out of town were in for spring break and Josh agreed to do a crayfish boil. It was a spicy, fun evening!

extras for the boil


mud bugs

hot bugs

time to eat

Orea cheesecake

I’ve been working up a kit to teach the Sew Kind of Wonderful, Mod Owl pattern. I can’t wait to get started on this project. My class will be on Sunday, 3/26 from 11-3 or on Monday, 3/27 from 10-2. If you want to join us, let me know. I have some spots open.

my Mod Owl kit

Things are coming along nicely in LaPorte. Paint options, flooring in bathroom and my little storage dormers have doors now and they are repurposing my ceiling bead board for my wall in the half bath.

paint options

half bath flooring

upstairs bathroom

you might notice things aren’t quite right, but they will be

dormer closets

and the other one

repurposed bead board

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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