Sewful Days

Friday we had an excellent group for our second meeting at the retreat house for our Farm Girl Vintage quilt. Our group is very diverse, everyone working at their own pace. I always say, Progress is Progress, so you can’t really complain with that. It is “all” good!

Since I worked so late Thursday night on my “Dipped In Chocolate” about the only thing I was able to accomplish after that was to make a mess pulling out fabrics to go with my blocks on the third row.

The decision process for what fabrics to use is by far the most challenging when deciding how you want to make your blocks. What color way and where to put what and then there is contrast! Lori Holt does give you ideas in her book and Pinterest is also a good source of ideas if you get stumped.

Thursday night I started pulling fabrics and ended pulling out almost all of my 30’s fabrics because I couldn’t quite decide. I do enjoy the fabric selection and I had already decided on my fabrics for my pear and I knew I wanted a purple cow! I had also decided what I wanted for my little pig and bumble bee.

These blocks are so stinking cute, but they are a little labor intensive with all the pieces that are used in the “flip and sew” method.

Last weekend I happened to look up and saw Kay Morgan using post-it notes and making little pocket folders for her pieces and realized what she was doing. I got up and walked over to her station and asked her to show me what she did. I told her that was an “ingenious” idea and would she mind if I shared it. Lucky for us, she said yes! 😉

Here is her tip: take a 3-inch package of “post-it notes” and fold one note in half (sticky side to sticky side) and make a fold, creating a little folder for your fabric. Some of these blocks have 23-26 differently sized pieces and are hard to label because some are as small as ¾-inch. So when you are reading the book and you need to use “A” to “K” you can find that piece without using your ruler to check your sizes and get promptly to work! Hallelujah!

I have a tip to share at the Farm Girl session

I have a tip to share at the Farm Girl session

Should you use to “tag” your fabric, that can easily be larger than your cut piece, so these cut pieces fitting inside keeps them together and you can re-use your little folders for the next block.

Friday was the first day for me to be able to use her technique and I could not give her enough praise with her idea. I love, love, love it Kay, thank you again! I just wished you had been around 12 blocks ago! Better late than never.

all of my pieces for my cow...A through W

all of my pieces for my cow…A through W

more sections of the cow

more sections of the cow

my purple cow

my purple cow

Kay was even kind enough to bring post-its and highlighters for all the FGV girls. Pam Murphree likes to highlight the blocks she had done so it is easier to keep track of what blocks are next.

Saturday we had another group meeting and it was productive as well. I got to use my new system again and share/explain it to the new incoming group and they were as pleased as I was about the new system. Here’s everyone’s progress, I didn’t get Lecia’s and missed a few others – sorry!

these are Linda's tiny FGV blocks that are 3 1/2 inch

these are Linda’s tiny FGV blocks that are 3 1/2 inch

these are Pam's blocks

these are Pam’s blocks

these are Kay's blocks

these are Kay’s blocks

these belong to Annette

these belong to Annette

these belong to Delores

these belong to Delores

these belong to Beverly

these belong to Beverly

I ended up getting 5 blocks made.

and these belong to me

and these belong to me

I am one blessed “city” farm girl vintage stitcher! I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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