Almost Take-off Time

It has been a wild past few days, but I’m learning that it is my new normal – my every day juggle, but I’m not complaining. Things don’t always go as planned, but I’m still getting to live the “good life”. ☺

Our microwave died about a week ago and I finally remembered to call the appliance store and ordered a new microwave. It was delivered and installed on Friday! Good grief, I had no idea how often I used a microwave! Try not using your microwave for a week and see how often you need it! Ha! I can remember my Granny Marie getting one in the early 70’s and how “fancy” I thought she was. It was the greatest thing for leftover mashed potatoes, well other things too, but I remember that was one thing that was left over and was rarely eaten because they couldn’t be re-heated very well. You know, it is all about the little things in life!

Friday morning, David and I dropped off my car for maintenance work. I now have new brakes and new tires. That is money that is spent rather quickly, but one of those necessary items. I’m going to have precious cargo Monday morning! Cynthia R and Paula B will be riding with me to Camp Blanding in Starke, Florida. This is the first time I’ve been able to attend the July retreat and I’m very excited. So I had to get the car all ready.

I finally got my “pumpkin” quilt all cut out, which was a tough cookie to cut. It took me 2 days! First, I cut out all the “sky” in the blocks and then I cut the pumpkins and then I cut out the inner blocks.

the pattern

the pattern

my pumpkin quilt parts

my pumpkin quilt parts

Mine has different backgrounds and each of the blocks have inside 6-inch blocks and there are 16 blocks, 8 different blocks and those 8 have 2 different color variations. Are you totally confused? I decided to trade out a couple of the blocks, so I decided how I wanted to make them up and then I had to see how it would look. I had to go one step further; I had to sew up the entire block (add the outer pumpkin). This one is going to be fun too!

this is one I'm putting in

this is one I’m putting in

this is how it is laid out

this is how it is laid out

all together now

all together now

this is another block is one I'm putting in

this is another block is one I’m putting in

This afternoon I met Jerrianne E and her sister, Becky over at the retreat house to give them a tour and Becky had some quilt candy for me to see! Becky made the quilt, Yes We Can, America but she made it bigger. It looks so good, it got me excited about that project but then they showed me Becky’s Sleeping Beauty by Sue Garman quilt that she was working on at the spring retreat. It is sunning! A lot of work is that little jewel!

this is part of Becky's sleeping beauty

this is part of Becky’s sleeping beauty

Becky, I hope it is ok to show a little of some of your hard work! I forgot to ask permission, so I’m only showing one photo!

I did get some mini sawtooth stars cut so I can play with those while I’m gone sewing!

my mini sawtooth "to-be" blocks

my mini sawtooth “to-be” blocks

If you want to make some of these up, here are the measurements:

No waste Flying Geese Cut Size

Color 1 – Center – cut 1 at 1 1/2″

Color 2 – Peaks – cut 4 at 1 3/8″

Color 3 – Geese (background) – cut 1 at 2 1/4″
Color 3 – Corners (background) – cut 4 at 1″

Note: I am not responsible for anything here! ha! It takes longer to cut than sew and they are addictive! I didn’t trim until after I had it sewn together.

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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