Sunday, David and I had our last family Christmas gathering. Kyle, Kara and Adley came over to visit, a have a little gift exchange and have lunch! I cooked chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and rolls. Oh my goodness, I cannot recall when the last time I’ve fixed this meal and to be honest I was a little nervous that it would not turn out right since it had been so long. Well, if I do say so myself it was very good! We all had too much to eat, but it was worth the calories!

Adley is giving me kisses

Adley is giving me kisses

Have you got all of your Christmas decorations put away? Normally, I love to keep our decorations up until after the first of the year, but with all the moving around for the other house and our house being upside down, we did very LITTLE decorating this year. I bought one new tree and you saw it on my tabletop the other day and I didn’t even put any ornaments on it! This was a first time for no decorations for me and I hope it was the last. I tried not to let it get the best of me and get me depressed, but I think it did to some degree. The upside of all that is that we don’t have to put any of it away! And that is a giant plus!

I don’t know if you picked a word at the first of 2014 or not, I chose “remove” and I really liked it pushing me off and on all year, so I’ve already picked a word that I need to try and let it motivate me and for 2015 it is “discipline”. Normally, I’m fairly disciplined, but I seem to have really slacked off in several areas of my life so I’ve got to get back in the game!

So with that in mind, I plan on doing some much needed organizing and I’m really kind of excited about it. I hate to make messes, so this is going to be a little of a challenge for me. I’m going to pick about 4 things that I need to organize and then do one at a time and just bite the bullet and get it done

I also need to work on my PHD’s! In my sewing world that equals = Projects Half Done! I kind of like that better than UFO’s, it makes me sound smarter vs. “lost in space”. LOL! As you know, these are all mind games but it sure is a great sense of accomplishment when you finish something regardless of how long it takes us to finish something!

The Lakeview guild is beginning a new Bee in 2015 and it is a UFO group, the fee is 5 fat quarters and it only meets 6 times (every other month) and the goal is to finish 5 projects and each person picks their “poison”. Each meeting you have to show a finished project, if you don’t finish anything you have to pay 3 fat quarters and at the last meeting you have the potential to win all the fabric! There are a few other details but you get the idea…”finish”!

I’ve got three days to finish one quilt for 2014 that is on MY list. I’ve got two quilts that need one or two things and I still haven’t finished them. Ugh! One is definitely going down on my 2014 finished quilt list!

Today I worked on block #4 of my Primitive Gatherings, Sunflower Gathering block and I almost have it finished, but I decided that I needed to work on one of my quilt tops so I put it aside for a bit.

block #4

block #4

I did get back to my Red Crinoline, Star of the West pattern. I have an inner border to add and then a couple of other borders. I got 2 of the 3 done!

Star of the West

Star of the West

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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