How was your Monday and Tuesday? It is rodeo time in the Houston area and since I hadn’t picked up my badge to volunteer I needed to get down to the office and pick up my packing pass and badge and then go grocery shopping.

I headed down to the office and afterwards I decided to go to see the quilts on display. I entered a quilt based on a Red Crinoline Pattern called Lincoln’s Watch, since she is red and white I named her Lincoln’s Ruby Watch. I wasn’t really sure how it would show or how they would judge, but I thought the people would enjoy seeing it. Low and behold it had a blue ribbon on it. I was elated! I was so excited, but not many people around since the rodeo didn’t officially start until today. I grinned almost ALL afternoon!

my rodeo badge and packing pass.  I have to say they do a great job with the badges

my rodeo badge and packing pass. I have to say they do a great job with the badges

After I got home I had a backing to make for the Swirly Girls “Equal Rights” baby quilt I made. This is my first and more than likely, my last time to piece a backing. It took too much time, plus I didn’t do it right – but it is just the backing! ☺

my pieced backing

my pieced backing

The Baytown Quilt Guild meets on the first Monday of the month, so we met last night. We had a good meeting and I wanted to show you one of Ms. Marian’s quilts she made. Ms. Marian has a friend, Pete that she has been teaching. Pete picked out the pattern and they both made the quilt, all done by hand and hand quilted. This just happens to be Pete’s second quilt. The quilts look amazing, they are sure talented!

Ms Marian's quilt and Pete's quilt

Ms Marian’s quilt and Pete’s quilt

this is Pete's quilt

this is Pete’s quilt

Oh, I also wanted to share Liz’s Texas quilt, it is a panel in the middle – I liked it and I thought you might enjoy seeing a panel done up a different way!

Liz's quilt

Liz’s quilt

I’ve been working on my next to the last cornerstone for my Primitive Gatherings “Words to Live By” Humor. I got all of the pieces cut out and placed on the fabric and I’ve been stitching – it is coming along.

pieces of Humor

pieces of Humor

more of Humor

more of Humor

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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