Nothing to Speak of

I’ve been hitting things here and there and I’ve not really been able to accomplish or finish anything.

Thursday was a workday and after work I got David to hang my “Playtime” quilt in our spare bedroom before I went to a bee meeting at Cheryl’s house. I sure enjoy looking at this quilt. It was my very first machine applique quilt that I made.

my Playtime quilt

my Playtime quilt

Friday I got some things done and after David got off work, he and I drove over to Cathy’s to hang her new shelf. I got some sewing done, but I’ve only been able to stitch a little here and there. I’m chipping away.

One of the things I had on my list was to make a chocolate sheath cake, we love this cake and since David will be running the Houston marathon on Sunday, I figure he could use a little sugar before and after his run.

chocolate sheath cake

chocolate sheath cake

In the meantime – I’m still plugging away on my 144 Faceted Jewels batik flying geese… they seem to be like bunnies…multiplying with every cut!

my flying geese going through the mill

my flying geese going through the mill

Today we had a meeting at the Painted Pony with a new bee. This group is working with all the half-square triangles we all recently acquired in 2013. It looks like it is going to be a good group and a lot of fun is in the works. I did get to stitch down a few of Primitive Gatherings “Words to Live by” berries during the meeting. I came home and worked a little on the flying geese again, but I’m still not finished. I have to finish cutting them in half, then they need to be ironed, then all trimmed down.

a trimming we shall go

a trimming we shall go

This afternoon, David and I went to see a movie, “The Lone Survivor”. It was a very good movie, but it was very intense. As a mother and a military mom, I can’t imagine losing a child that has served/fought for our country. I think I cried through most of the movie. I’m very thankful for our military. My prayers are with them and their families.

After the movie, David and I did our traditional dinner at Carrabba’s. Oh my goodness, that was delicious as usual.

Now it is time to kick back and relax. I’m truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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2 Responses to Nothing to Speak of

  1. I think that quilt is one of the prettiest quilts ever made – it looks outstanding and I think I’ll have to come over and see it one day soon. If that chocolate cake is made with buttermilk, its always a crowd favorite. Enjoy today and good luck, David.

    • ronda926 says:

      sorry for the late reply. maybe you can come over and get some cake. i rarely have buttermilk so i make “sour milk” which is milk and vinegar. David did qualify for Boston again. more on that adventure later

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