More Christmas

First off, I want to wish my daughter-in-law, Kara a wonderful birthday today. She is a wonderful wife to my son, Kyle and mother, to Adley and I’m sure glad she is in our family.

I have missed y’all. I hope your Christmas was full of happiness and what you wanted it to be. I think it is best said to be happy with what you have, instead of what you don’t have. I heard it and it really hit home. Sometimes I think I get hung up on what I think things should be instead of what is right in front of me, like some of my kids missing. I will see them ALL very soon and I can’t wait.

Sunday night, David and I went to eat Mexican food at Gringo’s – it was to be my farewell to solid food for a few days. Monday morning I was to have 3 wisdom teeth removed, so we were kind of celebrating. Well I’m not exactly sure what happened, but between Sunday night and Monday morning I got very sick. Around 1:30 a.m. I was attacked by a wicked and I mean “wicked” stomach virus. I was up almost every thirty minutes and then it went to every hour, about nine times. I don’t think I have ever been that sick. Monday morning I asked David to call the dentist office and re-schedule and to call another doctor. I wasn’t sure what it was, he said more than likely food poisoning, but as many people I’ve heard from there is a stomach virus going around. Be careful, I hope you don’t get it.

Monday and Tuesday I recovered some, but I took it easy on my stomach. Tuesday night, Katie, Joseph, Wyatt and Kynlee came over for dinner; with the help of David I fixed Sloppy Joes for dinner. I decided to just have soup. Wednesday, I slept in, still recovering and later David and I had Christmas. We watched lots of television, I don’t think I have ever watched so much Lifetime television in my life, but they had Christmas movies back to back. Wahoo!

Our friends, Cathy and Rex called us to see if we might want to break away and go see a movie. It was hard to break away, but I had to tear David away from Lifetime and off we went. We had planned to see “Saving Mr. Banks”, but by the time we got there it was sold out, so we saw “American Hustle”. It was very good, it was set in 1978, so a lot of BIG CURLY hair and great music. All the music sure reminded me of my high school days. I may have to get the soundtrack – do they do that these days?

Today has been an almost normal day, I have not sewn any for the last week, and so today it was time to change that! I think I was way too distracted today, playing on the computer. I had some cleanup to do first, picked up and then got to work. I had to sew up 2 more strips of half-squares and then slice and dice them. After my assistant, David got home, he kindly agreed to help pull of the papers. Now I just have to iron them and cut off the dog-ears. Good grief, there sure a lot of them. He just walked in and said the “factory” is CLOSED. ☺

my huge pile of red half-squares

my huge pile of red half-squares

here's some, all sliced and diced

here’s some, all sliced and diced

my ironing pile

my ironing pile

they seem to be multiplying, but some progress

they seem to be multiplying, but some progress

I did manage to make dinner tonight; I fixed poppy seed chicken and veggies – it was pretty good. I also wanted to share my trees and nine-patches that I got from Julie, I just think they are so cute.

my cute trees from Julie

my cute trees from Julie

and my nine patches from Julie

and my nine patches from Julie

It is time to break out my pieces of center for my Primitive Gathering “Words to Live By”. I’m making some progress, 10 more leaves to stitch down, but it is coming along.

what I've done so far on my center

what I’ve done so far on my center

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads. Love and hugs,

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I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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