I Learned a New Trick

All morning I have been trying to sort out half-square triangles for a swap I’m in. I’m the swap manager and for some reason I got mixed up and I had a heck of a time sorting them. There are ten people in our swap and we are using half squares on a roll, one person is using Spinning Stars and a couple are using the Triangulations cd – these processes seem are the most accurate. We pick two lights and two darks and pair them up with a light and a dark. Each person makes 50 of one set and 50 of another, therefore turning in 100 each month, we started this in January and it will end in December. We will end up with 1200 half-square triangles. This is a great trade to set up, get together some friends and set guidelines and you can make a great project!

I learned a new trick while I was at Camp Blanding and I thought I would share it. Before you tear the papers off, take a pair of scissors or your rotary cutter and cut the ends at an angle inward. One of the processes actually shows you where to cut. It is a lot faster than pressing and then trimming off the dog-ears.

an example

an example

these actually show you where to cut

these actually show you where to cut

When tearing the papers away from the triangles, always start in the middle and you will have less distortion than pulling from your ends. Then press to the dark colored fabric.

hold here to tear off

hold here to tear off

Here are the colors we picked: mustard, olive, burgundy, pumpkin, slate, favorite color, black, purple, dark blue, brown, rose/pink, and red. Of course you can make your own choices – even with the specific colors, they are all different.

I have sorted through all of our purples for the month of August, I sure like them – we do have some duplicate fabrics, but they are all paired up differently, so not a problem. These will all finish at 2 inches. Here’s 100 half-squares (five of each set), aren’t they so cute!

our 100 purple half-squares

our 100 purple half-squares

This afternoon, I worked on block 1 of my “Words to Live By”, Wool Block of the Week designed by Primitive Gatherings. I was able to finish it while I watched the Texans loose their football game.

Block 1 of Words to Live By

Block 1 of Words to Live By

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads, love and hugs.

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I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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One Response to I Learned a New Trick

  1. Cathy Carnew says:

    Well what do you know? I guess they can teach an old dog new tricks. Tee Hee Hee!

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