Bittersweet Departure

What an emotional day! A happy beginning, it seems so long ago. I got to play with our sweet angel, Adley and I told Kyle, that I wanted to dress her, my last play date with her for a while. He laughed, but I got my wish. So I picked ruffles and a bow! ☺ Kara would have been proud of me!

Adley is asking me to hurry up

Adley is asking me to hurry up

She was absolutely perfect today! Kyle fed her this morning and then it was my turn to get her to sleep. She loves to be swaddled and does not like being on her tummy, not even for a little bit. I finally got a lesson in getting her “bundled” up from Kara last night, but Adley is quite the “Houdini”! She is a great kicker and manages to get out of her cocoon – even though it looks like a straight jacket! Adley cooed and finally went to sleep around 10:20 and slept well until 1:45. I went to her bed and see what she had done, she had kicked loose and all the happier to see me. Adley does look like her daddy, at least for now. I swear I have pictures of Kyle making this same expression!

look at her feet, at least those are free! and I must find this expression in Kyle's pictures

look at her feet, at least those are free! and I must find this expression in Kyle’s pictures

she is just talking to me

she is just talking to me

I left there and cried off and on all the way home. I was actually crying when I left. Kyle said, “Now I have 3 redheaded women crying in his house”. We laughed! I don’t know why I was so emotional/hormonal, but nonetheless, I was! I miss them already.

I do love to see my children happy and it is strange and yet very satisfying to see them come full circle from a child and grow to an adult, to spouse and then to a parent. God has blessed me, so much more than I deserve – I am so thankful!

Last night, after I went to bed I was thinking about my Primitive Gathering wool block construction and trying to figure out different ways I could construct it in a more efficient way. After I had already sewn down 5 flowers I decided it would have been easier to sew the centers on before I put the last 3 down. That would make it easier to handle and less layers to sew through. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that earlier. So I sewed on my 3 centers and then sewed down the flowers. Then I had another “ah-ha” moment that if I sewed the French knot down first, it would hold it in place and make it easier to stitch around. Plus, you get the bonus of not having to worry about losing small parts. That was even better. If you are making these blocks, I hope this tip helps you.

Another tip, I have never used “fray check”. Notice how well the edges of the block looks, not much raveling and believe me, I have tossed and handled the fabric a lot. Lisa Bongean did recommend using this – a great call!

add Fray check to your collection for hand work!

add Fray check to your collection for hand work!

I only have one center left to sew down, which is tomorrow’s assignment!

my block - Honor

my block – Honor

I am humble and truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads, love and hugs.

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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4 Responses to Bittersweet Departure

  1. Your block looks great! How many are you making?

  2. Ron Bible says:

    Memeries, memeries, memeries, You wonder have you have space to put them all. Ronda I’m so glad you are making them for the future and can rememder the ones from the past. God Bless you. Enjoy them while you can. Love Dad

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