Saturday Flourishes

How has your Saturday been? I got off to a good start, I did my solo 26-mile bike ride and it went pretty well. I got to Sea Breeze park in LaPorte and so glad to be there, (that is a little over halfway) I even texted David to let him know I was there and ok and about to leave when I look up and I see my neighbor, Andy and 2 other riders coming in the gate. I was so glad to see them, we talked a little and then off we go. Here I am, bringing up the rear again and then they slowed down and for some reason, I got in the lead – only because they went a different way! Well, I didn’t get down, I just got down the road and hoping to finish as best I could, I wanted to sew! You know – a lesson in the end justifies the means.

Plus I had an added bonus; mom was coming over for us to have a “play date” at 10, so I needed to kick it in. I did improve today, I did the ride in less time and had a better average speed and best of all – it was OVER!

Mom working away

Mom working away

David came in from his run and fixed me breakfast! Yes, I’m spoiled – what can I say – he is good to me!

Mom and I had a very nice play date; Katie, Joseph and Wyatt even came over and visited for a while. Wyatt is taking steps now, so we just had to see him. I chipped away on my block and got the stems sewn, then leaves on, basket and finally the circles sewn down. Mom worked on her scrapbook pages and got 10 pages done.

block 12 in progress

block 12 in progress

block 12 done

block 12 done

Tomorrow, block 11 begins.

I am truly blessed; I hope you are blessed by your daily threads, love and hugs.

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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One Response to Saturday Flourishes

  1. Ron Bible says:

    I’m glad y’all had fun. It was good for Mom

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