Fabric Pairing

Today was a workday, so I went to the gym and did my 40-minute elliptical workout this morning. Since I worked, I didn’t get to sew like I normally would on a Monday. I was talking to my mom as I was driving to work and she reminded me that we have a baby shower this weekend for my new granddaughter that is scheduled to arrive the middle of July. Oh, goodness, I kind of forgot. You know how you know about something coming up, but you don’t really realize that is sooner than later. Well, that is what happened to me.

When I got home I started looking for my pattern for the quilt. Next I needed to pair up my colors and sets for the new quilt. I love playing with the colors and the movement of the fabric. Luckily I had already ironed the fabric and it is ready. It is going to be very bright and perky. I’m excited to see how it will turn out. I saw this pattern on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I’ve got a lot to get done in a short time. I’m posting this because I don’t think my kids read my posts.

Pinwheel Parade pattern by Sandy Gervais

Pinwheel Parade pattern by Sandy Gervais

I have 16 blocks to make

I have 16 blocks to make

more pairings

more pairings

a closer look at a set

a closer look at a set

Last night I worked on tacking down the binding for my other quilt for the quilt show. I got the sleeve sewed down as well as the label, still 3 sides to go. At least this quilt is only 82×82, which is a lot smaller than Zesty.

We have a quilt show meeting tomorrow night. Another reminder of our quilt show coming May 3-4 in Baytown.

I had better close and get busy cutting.
I hope your daily threads are good to you, love and hugs.

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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4 Responses to Fabric Pairing

  1. Kyle says:

    You have one child who reads it, but I’ll keep it a secret from Kara 🙂

  2. ronda926 says:

    very big smile! you surprised me! do you like it??

  3. Delores Ellis says:

    Love your fabrics and pattern!

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