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Yesterday I saw a post for an estate sale very close to my house. I love to go to an estate sale, they usually have nice things and it does not seem to be as yucky as going to garage sales. Anyway there were pictures posted of this ladies sewing room and I thought oh goodie I will go and see if I could find anything that was a bargain or that I could not live without.

Off I go, I get in Mrs. Ham’s sewing room and there is a more mature lady sitting in there tending the room. Different ones came into the room that knew Mrs. Ham and said what a nice room she had, but she never got a chance to use it. I think they said her son had fixed it for her and she got sick before it was finished. I got kind of sad, thinking about my own “loot” and what would happen to all of my stuff once I’m no longer here to use them. Thinking about her I almost choked up, so I started talking to the lady. She asked me if I was a quilter and I said proudly and with a big smile “yes”! I asked her if she was and she said, “yes” too. We talked a little bit and she mentioned that I was the first one to look at different things on sale. I got a few things and hopefully she would approve and be glad they have a good home.

Mrs. Ham's stuff

Mrs. Ham’s stuff

Wyatt came over for a little visit today while his Daddy took his Mommy to the doctor. Katie is doing well, she had an ultrasound done and the tech said she may be having a girl. Could it be that I will be having 2 granddaughters in the same year? I know better than to get my hopes up, so I will just wait and see. Nonetheless, the baby will be loved dearly.

Wyatt loves his squash!  he looks like a bird!  ;-)

Wyatt loves his squash! he looks like a bird! 😉



for some reason every time he takes a bite he has to suck his thumb, so funny

for some reason every time he takes a bite he has to suck his thumb, so funny

We have a dinner to go to tonight at Brady’s Landing, so not much sewing tonight. I did manage to get a little done, mainly picking up and then tagging where I need to fix the piping/binding.

I got hung up on trying to load my Bernina software on my Mac and after reading all the paperwork I was rescued by Wyatt. I think I need to take it to someone to do. I can only figure out so much stuff that is techy! I told the lady that I’ve never had so many computer issues in one year as in all of my life – going all the way back to WordStar! Who remembers that? ☺

I did manage to get another bird picture today.

hopefully you can see the baby birds beside Momma

hopefully you can see the baby birds beside Momma

I hope your daily threads are good to you, love and hugs.

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I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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2 Responses to Estate Stuff

  1. Ivy Croft says:

    Congrats on another special baby girl. Yeah, you will have to make 2 Pinwheel Parades now.


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