What a nice day it has been! David and I went to church this morning, then we came home and I cooked lunch. I ate too many snacks, darn it. I don’t like it when I come home and I’m hungry so I put great junk food in my mouth and before I know it, I’ve eaten too much! Ugh!

David has been out in the garage this afternoon working on his signs for Robby’s race, Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon and I’ve been playing in my room. I managed to finish my olive half square triangles last night and today I’m working on my dipped in chocolate blocks. They are so cute, but they have had me over a barrel at times, but this is the LAST month I have to do them. Wahoo! The trade will be over! For my non-quilting friends, this means that I have been in a 12-month trade between 5 ladies and they get 13 blocks each from me. I, in turn get the same from them. Then I get to put them all together and make a quilt. They are 2-inch blocks, which means after they are all sewed together they will be 1.5-inch blocks! Shoot me now before I really begin to work on them. I know, chip away a little at a time (my elephants come around).

here are my little blocks in progress:






Back to spring…have you all noticed things budding out. Well, maybe not my friend, Julie up in Michigan, but it sure is here. Hi Julie!! Where I sit in my room I’ve been noticing the saucer magnolia budding out and now the blooms are really beginning to flower. I do love those trees; well I really love spring period. I even love spring fever! Ha! I just love how it seems to just perk everything up, almost like God breathing life into everything again. When I think about how God made our seasons, it is truly awesome. Funny, he always thinks of everything!!! I do love to work in the yard and with plants, but I happen to love quilting more, so it usually gets all of my time. I let David do it and he does a great job! tee hee


here’s Wyatt waiting for spring!

Are you going to watch the Oscar’s tonight?? I do enjoy watching their entry on the red carpet, but I seem to get board with it all, so I doubt I stay up to watch it all. I hope your film wins. Last year, I saw several of the films that were up for top awards so I knew a little of what was going on, but not this year.

Oh, by the way, your feedback is solicited. Since I’m new at this I want to keep you interested, let me know if I can do anything different.

Enjoy your daily threads, love and hugs,

About ronda926

I enjoy piecing quilts and getting to know people, as well as sharing the information I have on sewing. I love the sense of accomplishment once I'm finished.
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